The Styles Triplets

After moving to Manchester, so Harry could pursue his dreams of becoming a singer, the Styles, Edward, Harry and Marcel will all fall for the same girl. Who will win the key to her heart? After she picks can they mend the broken pieces to their brotherly bond? This is a story filled with drama, love, forgiveness, and moving forward.


11. Chapter 10- Detention

~~McKenna's POV:

At lunch I tried to avoid CeCe and Ashley. I didn't want to start to explain to them what has been going on since the party. In fact I had been really distant anyways. I was a horrible friend. I sat down at a table alone and began to eat my lunch.

"Oh look its McKenna" I heard Henderson snicker. "So have you thought about my offer?"

"Get away from me" I said.

"You know McKenna, girls like you need to be taught a lesson"

All the sudden I looked behind me and Henderson was lying on the ground and Edward was on top of him, punching him repeatedly. "Edward stop. Please!" I begged.

"If you ever come near her again, you'll be sorry" Edward said punching him one last time. Henderson's face was all bloody.

"Mr. Styles, deciding to get into another fight? Looks like you've earned yourself a detention and a trip to the head teachers office." A teacher said helping Henderson up and walking him to the nurses.

"Edward why did you do that?"

"I heard what he was saying"

"But fighting solves nothing!" I pleaded.

"Mr. Styles office now!" I heard the teacher call over her shoulder.

"I'll see you in detention" Edward said walking away.

That's right I still had detention.

Edward's POV:

I sauntered my way down to the head teachers office. I was in no rush to be lectured again about getting into fights. It was always the same, fighting is bad, violence doesn't solve anything... bleh, bleh, bleh. I learned to just tune it out. Okay so I didn't actually get into a lot of fights back home, but there were a couple near death experiences. Kidding. But seriously I don't mind throwing a punch when someone deserves it. And Henderson did. For one, no one talks to any women like that, and two I could be a possessive guy. I had finally won the fight for McKenna, and I intended to keep her mine. I promised myself that if she picked me, I would do what ever it took to protect her and keep her innocent. But that last part, probably was a little far fetched.

"Ahh Mr. Styles have a seat." I took a seat in the same chair as last time. Henderson walked in with a towel held to his nose and a fat lip. I got him good.

"So boys would you like to tell me what happened?"

"Yeah out of no where Edward just come and punched me"

"That's bull and you know it" I said.

"Okay Mr. Styles what's your point of view?"

"Henderson here was saying inappropriate things to McKenna so I took him out."

"You know fighting doesn't solve anything..." and so on. I started to space off.

"Mr. Styles?"

"Huh what?"

"Were you listening at all?"

"Of course" I lied.

"Okay well you two will have detention for the rest of the week, and if there's anymore fights with you two, you'll both be suspended for 3 days"

"Okay" I said getting up and walking out of there. I really didn't want to get suspended, but if Henderson came around again, I would surely take him out.

After school I walked down to detention and took a seat next to Mac. "Hey" I said cautiously.

"Hey" she said seeming a little down.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Marcel. I told him about us and he flipped out. He told me to leave him alone and he didn't want me in his life. I guess I understand, I'm a total bitch"

"No you're not McKenna. You're the sweetest girl I've ever met. And Marcel is the one that's missing out on a great girl like you. But I can't say I don't mind. I want you all to myself" I said kissing her cheek.

"Mr. Styles and Ms. Donovan no PDA" the teacher said.

We both laughed quietly as she turned her head back to her book.

"So what are we doing tonight?" McKenna asked

"I told you it's a surprise"

"Fine" she pouted.

After detention I walked home since Mark came to pick up McKenna and it probably wasn't the best idea if I asked him for a ride.

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