Struck By Lies {5SOS}

Band sluts. What are you gonna do with them? Best friends are unpredictable, especially when your band mate has a crush on your girlfriend. Luke's fall out with Adelaide gives her an opening with Luke's bandmates, but how does that play out?


7. Over and Over

Adelaide's POV


I was woken up by the song Over and Over by the boys. The lyrics made me want to cry, but I think I was out of tears. Getting to talk to Mikey made me feel a little better last night.. But seeing Luke kinda ruined it. 


Not wanting to get out of bed, I rolled over to the other side of bed to shut off the alarm, ruining how comfortable I was just laying there.


It was still curled up in my blanket when I heard the door bell ring. 


"Ughhhhhh..." I growled loudly, too lazy to get up. I literally rolled myself out of bed, my blanket wrapped around me, making me a burrito of sadness. 


I looked up at to where the clock was. It was 10 a.m now, it was probably around 5 pm in L.A. Hopefully I can call Mikey later without him being too deep into a video game. 


I made my way to the door with the blanket still wrapped around me and opened it to be surprised by one of my best friends. 


"Adelaide!" he shouted as the door opened.


I pushed the blanket off me and sprang into his arm, giving him one of the biggest hugs ever. 


"Oh my god Michael. I missed you so muchhh!" I whispered into his ear, almost tearing up from how tight he was squeezing me. 


"I missed you too Addie, that's why I'm here!"


"Again Mikey, I missed you so much.. And I missed your hugs too...But you can stop hugging me now, you're kinda suffocating me." 

He let go of me immediately and stepped back to where he was standing earlier. 


"Sorry Adds," he said, looking down nervously. 


"Awwww, it's okay Mikey. I missed hugging you everyday, and basically seeing you everyday in person." 


"Same for me too Addie. It's not the same without you telling us what to do everyday."

I opened the door wider, giving him the sigh that he could come in and picked up my blanket off the floor. I wrapped the blanket around me as Michael walked in and closed the door. 


He looked around the room as if it was his first time here. 


"Wow, I haven't been in Calum's house in like years," he said, jumping onto the 4 seater couch. I took a seat in the lounge chair waiting for the awkward silence to break. 


"Um.. So Michael.. What are you doing here, I thought you guys had to work on the album.. ANd I thought your family was in L.A with you.. And also, how's you get here so fast? I literally just talked to you on Skype only 15 hours ago." 


"Well, I got on a plane as soon as I stopped Skyping you. And yes, my parents are in L.A.. And I don't have a key so is it ok if I stay here for the next month?" He made his puppy dog face, pouting his lips out.. How could I say no to that?


"Aw, I'm sure Cal's parents wouldn't mind. You'd have to stay in his room though since I have the guest room.. And you're here for a month! OMG!! Yayyy!" I was bouncing out of my seat by this point while he was just watching me be crazy. I bounced off the seat and dragged Michael's luggage into Calum's room.


"Um... Addie, what are you doing?" 


"I'm helping you unpack so we can start having fun! I need something to help get my mind off what happened yesterday, don't I?"


"Speaking of what happened yesterday, do you want to talk about what happened yesterday?" 


"Um... Sure.. But right after this call." I ran to my room, grabbing my cell phone that was cracked from when I threw it yesterday and answered it without looking at the caller ID.


"Omg, Addie, I'm so glad you picked up. I kept texting you and you haven't replied. I thought something bad happened. Listen though. I'm sooo sorry about yesterday and-"


"Luke what is it? I don't  have time right now." 


"Ok, I'm sorry I was an asshole yesterday. You know I still love you and I want to know if we could forget about yesterday and if you'd go back out with me. You know, start over?" 

His voice got softer and there was a true sincerity in his voice.. But I couldn't.


"How can I just forget Luke. You broke a 2.5 year long relationship yesterday. And I love you too and all.. But I just can't. Like I said, your career comes first. Tell the other boys I said hey. Bye Luke." 


I hung up on him once more, trying not to cry and walked back to the only person who could make me feel better. 


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