Struck By Lies {5SOS}

Band sluts. What are you gonna do with them? Best friends are unpredictable, especially when your band mate has a crush on your girlfriend. Luke's fall out with Adelaide gives her an opening with Luke's bandmates, but how does that play out?


2. Beside You

Adelaide's POV


Listening to sad break-up songs is probably a terrible idea right now. To make things worse, I think I could hear Heartbreak Girl by the boys starting to play. I don't remember putting that in the playlist though. I blinked a few times and realized that I've been in bed all night. 


I uncurled myself from my ball form and looked at my laptop screen that had been playing Luke's second solo of HBG. 




I wiped the dry tears off my face using my blanket and pressed the accept button. 


When I clicked the button, a shining face of adorableness appeared on my screen. Once again, he had a new hair color. It was a reddish color that was more brown, similar to mine, but I loved it anyways. 

A smile appeared on his face as the connection finally cleared up.


"Hey Adds! How are ya?" 


"I'm great Mikey, just working on a research paper, being boreddddd."


"Haha, you have homeworrkkkk," he teased, "Shouldn't you be in night school right now though. It's like... 7 p.m in Sydney?"


"It's vacation time dummyyyyy. Shouldn't you be asleep? It's like 2 in the morning in Cali," I said, sticking my tongue at him, playfully.( Australia is 15 hours ahead of California)


I opened the screen where I had been working on my paper while I saw Michael grabbing out his guitar.


"Well, you know me. Night owl and such... If it's vacation time shouldn't you be with Cal's parents in the U.K?"


"Gosh, so many questions with you today. If you must knoowww, his parents are in the U.K. I decided to stay this time cause school starts again in like a month and I have heaps of homework to do."


"Well then, someone is snappy today. Speaking of school, how's it been? Hope the teachers don't miss my trouble too much."


"Oh they do, all they do now is sit in the teachers lounge socializing with other staff members. They are sooo miserable," I stated sarcastically, rolling my eyes, "And school, great. I went from being best friends to the four hottest guys in school to a loser nobody with no friends." I continued with my sarcasm.


"Sorry about leaving like that so unexpectedly Addie. Hope things haven't been that bad."


"It's ok Mikey. No hard feelings. I still love all of you. I just miss you guys sooo much."


"We miss you to Adds. Now how about you take a break from that paper and we can sing a few songs like old times?" 


I let out a sigh.. "Fineeee."


"How bout we sing Heartbreak Girl?" 


"Um... How about Beside You?" I suggested, hopefully. 


"Interesting song choice, but sure."


"Ok, just let me turn on my lights." 


I got up from my bed for the first time today and switched the lights on as I heard him strumming the intro to BY. 


"I'm back."


"Haha," he giggled, still strumming. "You know you have makeup all over your face?"


Oh yeah.. I thought to myself remembering the fact I wasn't prepared to cry for 7 straight hours today.


"Well that's what happens when Calum's parents forget to tell me how to turn on the air conditioner in 97 degree weather," I lied.


"Want me to wake him up so he can tell you?"


"No, it's fine. don't wake him up. You know how he is when he doesn't get enough sleep... Let's just sing."


"Ok! You start." 

His strumming grew louder than earlier while I wait to start. 


"Within a minute I was all packed up, I've got a ticket to another world, I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go." 


"She sleeps alone, my heart wants to come home, I wish I was, I wish I was...." We ended together in harmony.

His strumming faded and looked back up to the screen seeing me cry. Maybe it was because I missed him and Luke.. Or maybe it was the way our voices fit together so perfectly. 


"What's wrong Addie?"


"It's nothing Mikey. That song just makes me emotional."


"Oh, ok... We'll just to let you know, that sounded really pretty. You should really join us on our tour next year."


"Maybe Mikey. I don't know. Let's see if I'll be done with school by then."


"Michael, shut up in there. We're trying to sleep. Why are you up so late anyways if you're not on Twitter?" 


The door on the other screen opened fully and I saw Luke. I froze for a moment and it seems like he did too when he saw my face on the screen. 


"I'm trying to talk to our beloved friend Adelaide. You remember Adelaide, our best friend and your soul mate. Why don't you join us?" 


I cringed as Michael kept speaking and looked down, avoiding any eye contact with Hemmings.


"Oh.. Um, that's alright. I need to go back to bed. Early day tomorrow writing songs."


"Alright Hemmo. Night."


"Yeah, whatever. Night." He left the room and the attention was brought back to me. 


"That was weird, he's usually so happy to see you... Addie? You're crying even harder than before What's wrong?... Oh... Oh my god Addie. I didn't know. Are you ok? I'm so sorry, I didn't know. Luke didn't tell any of us. I'm so sorry."


It was amazing how Michael could always sense what was wrong with me without even having me speak.

I wiped my eyes and looked at him.


"It wasn't really sweat that caused your make up to run either was it? You've been crying all day haven't you?"

I was too choked up to speak and just kept nodding my head to what he said.


"I- It's ok Mikey. I'm fine, really. Just hurt." 


"Do you need to talk about it?" He had a sincere look in his eyes. He was just the sweetest thing.


"It's ok Michael. I really don't wanna talk about it."


"Oh... Ok. Um.. I should let you continue on your paper and then let you sleep. You must be exhausted from what you've been through today. You just get to sleep, k?" 


He put his guitar back in the case and looked back at me with his big eyes.


"Okay Michael... Thanks for understanding. Love you."


"Love you too... Screen hug?" 


"Screen hug."

We both got up from out seats and hugged the screen, making me laugh.

"You're so silly Clifford." 


"Anything to cheer you up. Now go to sleep." 

I rolled my eyes while he moved himself closer to the screen and kissed it, before disconnecting. 




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