The Power Within

17 year old Scarlet Deane is a good student with a boring life,...according to her. She is bored of her boarding school, students, teachers, lessons, nothing is fun anymore and the question of who she is, is coming more up lately. Since there is no escape from her school the only thing she can do is hoping that the answers to her questions she has been seeking for will find her instead.
And upon the arrival of a new student called Drake Pyrone, Scarlet's prayers are answered.


2. Scarlet

The third period had already started but I got lucky to sit next to the principal's office with the new guy until Mr. Rook would be done punishing Alex and "Blondie".

I couldn't help it and didn't stop grinning, seeing Dave rage at Alex and Michelle through the windows of his glass office was priceless. 

The new guy was waiting next to me outside the principal's office, he probably noticed my grim because I heard him ask "So... are you the trouble maker around here Scarlet?" he asked.

I turned to look at him, he was looking to the lockers in front of us as if he asked it to someone only he could see in front of him but since he said me name I knew he was talking to me.

He turned to look at me, I answered "I'm not a trouble maker, I like to think about it as bringing bullies to justice." 

A small grin appeared on his face and I caught a small glimpse of his pale white teeth. I took a quick look at him, he had black hair that was not to long or to short it was a little bit messy as if he just woke up, I couldn't decide if his eyes where green or blue. But one thing was for sure as soon as this guy will step in to his first class the rumor of a new good looking guy will spread like a wildfire in G.K.L , and if so this will probably will her first and last meeting with this guy.

"And what is your name new kid?, If I may ask?"

"Well I guess that's fair enough Scarlet, my name is Drake Pyrone, I'm a junior, would that information satisfy you?"

"It will, thank you very much. So what brings a junior in the middle of January to our lovely school when the semester has already started?"

He sighed, I might have hit a sensitive spot. "It's ok if you don't want to tell me, it's not my business but you better make up a story for students that are a little bit to curios."

"Thank you" he said. "Does this mean you are my first friend around here Scarlet?"

I didn't like the sarcastic tone of his voice ,as if he almost was trying to tease me. Who knows maybe he was. 

"I'm always happy to make a new friend, but I think you'll will forget me in two days when all the girls in G.K.L will be drooling all over you, a new student and a junior wich is rare, and I have to admit your handsome wich even gives you bonus points. You'll be the king of G.K.L in one week if my prediction is right."

 "So you think I am handsome?" His grin became even wider.

"I am just stating the facts, and the fact is you are handsome, but it would take you a lot more than that to even think I like you." I answered, only for a second I could see a spark of surprise in his eyes but it disappeared as fast as it appeared, and it seemed he was amused by my answer.

"So you are a trouble maker and a smart girl, I think we could get along well."

"We will see, Drake if you don't mind to answer me, could you tell me if you are here because you got a scholarship or got rich parents?"

"I got a scholarship, and you?"

"Same story."

There was a moment of silence I didn't know what to say, this guy didn't interest me, but we would probably have to wait here together for five more minutes. I was wondering what I should do. Should I keep talking with him and risk to tell to much or come over as a annoying girl or just shut up and make a impression that I am a snob. But my thoughts were interrupted by Drake's voice.

"Scarlet what subjects do you learn?"

In G.K.L there where a lot of subjects to choose from but you could only learn five since there was a big number of students. When Scarlet first chose her subjects she had chosen the one she thought no one would want to learn and only people who really would want to learn them would be in the class. But she was wrong. In every class there would be at least 25 students and she was stuck in every single class with students dumber than the previous class. Scarlet liked to think of it as a cruel joke god had made, the only thing she wanted to do is learn normally but that was prevented from here almost every class. 

"I learn Psychology, Art, PE, History and Science." I answered. "And what about you?"

"PE, Math, Art, Biblical Studies and History, it seems we will have three classes together, how fortunate, at least I'll have someone I can sit next to." He replied.

"Be my guest." I answered just when we saw Alex and Blondie exit the office, Alex looked relaxed while Blondie was still red from our little encounter. They didn't even looked at my way and walked away both to their classes.

"Drake and Scarlet come in please."Said a voice from behind me, I turned around and saw Dave. From the look on his face it was obvios he had quite a fight in the office, he wouldn't bother even to be mad at her for messing with Alex and Michelle. I walked into the office Drake came in after me and closed the door behind him.

"Please take a seat." Said Dave. I sat down in the blue chair made out of leather on the left and Drake took a seat in the chair on the right. Dave took a seat in the big seat behind his desk made out of oak, his seat was more suitable for a king than a principal. But Scarlet thought it was just another psychological way to make students fear the authority standing in front of them.

As we sat down Dave started to speak "Drake I am sorry we had to stop our tour in the school, I was supposed to finish it until the start of the third period, but unfortunately I have to go to meetings so we won't be able to continue."

"It's ok at least we stopped the tour for a good reason." He answered. His answer made me feel guilty about the tour.

I took a second to breath and said "I can complete the tour if you want principal Rook I'll be happy to show Drake what you haven't shown him on the tour."

"I am fine with that, what do you say Drake?" Dave answered.

"Thank you Scarlet I think that will be great." Drake said.

"So if there is no objection, could you take Drake to see where the library and the cafeteria is, you can eat lunch if you want and take him to building four and ask one of the boys to show him the boys dorm, Drake you should be fine, if you have anymore questions you know where to find me."



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