The Power Within

17 year old Scarlet Deane is a good student with a boring life,...according to her. She is bored of her boarding school, students, teachers, lessons, nothing is fun anymore and the question of who she is, is coming more up lately. Since there is no escape from her school the only thing she can do is hoping that the answers to her questions she has been seeking for will find her instead.
And upon the arrival of a new student called Drake Pyrone, Scarlet's prayers are answered.


7. Drake

"Where can I start?"   A few minutes ago Drake and Scarlet had returned from the school. Fortunutely she hadn't asked any questions about their location when she woke up. The sun was about to set in a hour, and he decided it would be best for them if they would sit down somewhere isolated where no one would disturb them. Scarlet suggested the lake and after a short walk they sat down on a few rocks at the edge of the water. Scarlet  held her legs close to her chest with the help of her hands hugging her legs. She looked tiny, her eyes gazed to the water following every tiny wave the movement of Drake's hand produced when touching the surface.   "You can start from the beginning."   "Ok, after god created the world..."   "Not that beginning." Scarlet said  with a hint of a giggle.   "But that's where the story starts of who you are, who we are." Drake answered.   "Ok than continue."   "Have you ever opened a bible?"   "Be surprised, but yes."   "Do you believe than in what is written in it? Angels, know."   "I haven't decieded yet, and what about you?"   "I do believe in it, there is actually a story I wanted to tell you."   "Well what are you waiting for?"   "In the bible there is a story, about angels that came to earth and had children with humans, the children that were born were stronger and more intelligent than any normal human they are called Half-Bloods, half-human, half-angel. They got amazing talents and gifts that were supernatural and abnormal like shape-shifting and reading minds. And since they were half-angel they were naturally good and helped the humans that lived among them. But only the good side of the story  was mentioned in the bible. Not only the angels came to earth also demons found there way here and managed to have children that were half-demon. These half-demons are called half bloods as well they got the amazing abilities the half-angels got but the one thing different was their nature, the half-demons were evil and demonic, their only purpose in life was to cause destruction and chaos. After 200 years of failing co-existence between the half bloods a war started. The half-angels were determined to wipe out every half-demon on earth in order to restore peace in the world. But there was one thing they forget, they still were half human.   There is probably one thing stronger in humans than in angels and demons and that is ,how cheesy it might sound, love.   When the war started it was the first time tha half bloods actually encountered each other.  Young men and women fought against each other. And one encounter in this war would change the course of history forever.   There was once a young half-angel named Ovadya. He was one of the commanders on the side of the half-angels. Once he and his fellows managed to find a barn in wich several leaders of the half-demons were hiding. There was a big and heavy fight but eventually all half-demons died.  When they searched in the barn Ovadya found a woman locked away in a stall. She was wounded from the attack but the fact she was covered with bruses and dirt didn't affect her beauty. Ovadya fell for her the first time he saw her and so did she.  Her name was Elia but there was one problem, she was half-demon.   Ovadya took her away before any of his men could spot him running away with a half-demon. They found a cave and hid there for three months.  During that time he learned to know her better and she did as well. Being around Ovadya made her a better person, it made her embrace the human part in her and forget the demonic part. It was a matter of days until they were completely in love.   After the three months Ovadya had to leave back to the battlefield before his men would find him with Elia.   Ovadya died on the battlefield eight days later.   A month after his death Elia realized she was pregnant with his child. She was devastated and yet happy, Ovadya may have died but she had his child inside of her.   Six months after Ovadya's death Elia gave birth to a girl. Her name was Iris. She didn't know what her child was, she was an offspring of angels, demons and humans. By that time Elia had run away from the war, she was far from the battlefield that took her love's life.   Iris grew up peacefully, but when she was thirteen she started showing signs that she had gifts. She could speak to animals but also to the dead. But she also could do something Elia hadn't seen any half-blood do. She was able to control a element, air in fact. She was making small tornados by spinning her fingers or making strong winds blow by moving her arms, like she was moving the air.   On her seventeenth birthday Iris was already a young and beautiful woman. She looked like her mother when she was at the same age. Her skin was pale and she had long chestnut brown hair. Her gray eyes were looking sharp. Her body was small but flexible.   The last person she expected to show up on her birthday was an archangel.   The archangel Rapheal appeared to her on her birthday, explaining to her who she was. He told her that in her flows not only human but also angel and demon blood.   She was what is called a Triblood a mixture between the three dominant races in this world. Tribloods are even stronger than Half-Bloods and they also got elemental powers besides the talents and gifts every half-blood had. But Rapheal came to teach her the rules about Tribloods, their power would come with a price. Tribloods weren't aloud to have children with half-bloods or other Tribloods so that a Triblood won't get to overpowered.   The years after Iris the so-called "First Triblood" there were appearing more and more Tribloods. They sided with the half-angels in the Half-Blood war in order to put an end to the destruction the half-demons were causing.   And finally after 500 years they won the war. Every single half-demon died in the war.   But after the Half-Blood war a new conflict started within the Tribloods. Since they have demon blood within them some Tribloods got overtaken by the allure of the dark side in life. These Tribloods are called "Darklings" they are like demon half-bloods sometimes even worse. To fight this "evil" some Tribloods let the angel part in them take over these Tribloods are called the "Enlightened" the are acting like the protecting angels of order altough they sometimes can even be worse than Darklings. But there is a third group, they don't have a name so most of the Tribloods call them "The Lost" they have decieded to walk the path between chaos and order, evil and good, to maintain balance on earth between the Tribloods... And that's where you come in to the picture..."    When Drake finished it was already night. They both had lost track of time. Scarlet checked her phone and confirmed it was already 1 P.M. , probably way past the time they were aloud outside their dorms. They both started walking on the rocks along the edge of the lake.   "It sounds like a nice fairytale but it doesn't sound real.." Scarlet said after he finished his story.   "You are supposed to be dead.. Why does this sound fake to you?" Drake answered   "Can you prove it to me or something.."   Before she could finish her sentence Scarlet slipped on a rock and fell in to the lake. Drake tried to catch her hand but it slipped away. He closed his eyes waiting for the splash from Scarlet's fall. But he didn't feel a drop of water.   "Stop closing your eyes drake you look ridiculous."   Drake opened his eyes and saw that on the surface of the water Dante was standing with Scarlet in his arms, the same way he carried Scarlet earlier today.   "Jesus" Scarlet sighed.   "No, my name is Dante I'm Drake's twin. But you can call me Jesus after all  I can walk on water."   "I'm Scarlet, are you sure we haven't met yet?"   Scarlet was still in his arms, and she wrapped her arms around his arms. Dante had his normal smirk all over his face while Scarlet akwardly blushed, just a little bit still enough for Drake to see. Dante looked at her, and for a second Drake thought he saw his smirk turn in to a soft smile, but he wasn't sure. Scarlet didn't look surprised anymore and was now investigating every centimeter in his face. It looked like it was a habit for her, to analyze people.   "Maybe we've met in your dreams..." Dante answered her sarcastically.      
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