The Tour Diaries

*Sequel to: Dreams Can Come True*
Jordyn Tomlinson has been dating Harry Styles for a year now. She is in the most popular girl group in the word, Train, with her best friends, Eleanor Calder, Danielle Peazer and Perrie Edwards. Though, with all the time they spend together bring them closer, or push them away. Find out in, The Tour Diaries.


2. Prolouge.

Jordyn's P.O.V.

"Will you marry me?" He said

THE words replayed in my mind, over and over. I couldn't talk or move, I was frozen. I didnt breathe. So i did what i thought i had to do.

" Yes, i will marry you." He slid the ring on my finger and stood up. I jumped on him and he spun me around. We shared the best kiss ever. The crowd screamed and whiseled and with that was the end of of the interview. I walked over to El after we got back stage.

"OHMIGODDIDTHATJUSTHAPPEN!!" i spoke faster then i could usually.

" YESITDID!!! YOU ARE SOOOO LUCKY!" She spoke just as fast. I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was my big brother, Louis. I followed him to a corner.

" Congrats little girl. I new you would be excited, but i honestly didnt expect you to say yes...." He said a little dissapointment.

" Why. arent you happy for me???" I said with a little hurt in my voice.

" Yes, Im just worried your rushing into this, I mean, you've only been dating for a year. I just dont want you to get worried." I hugged him.

" Lou-Bear, everything will be okay. I love you okay??" I said.

"Love you too baby. But, if he hurts you, I will kill him." He said. I chuckled and he kissed my forehead. We let go and I went to talk to the rest of the boys and my girls. Could life get any better?



So, I wanna thank someone. All-Star rose, You have been with me from the start. Thank you babe! I also wanna say that I did, try out for a part in a book, Hi, Im your Daughter. Wish me luck!! If anyone wants to do a book with me, email me at Love ya!


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