last first kiss

this story takes place in America where Emily lives and the she went out for a wlked and bumped into zayn


2. geting to know each other

Emily POV

everything was awkward. I hate awkward moments. "so tell me about your self" I asked about him. " umm I am from London in a small town called Bradford I have three sisters. I m in a band called one direction and right now we are on are American tour now your turn " he said with a cute cheeky smile. oh so that's where I herd his name he was in a boy band. " well as you can see I'm from America I don't have any brothers or sister but I have a best friend and she's like a sister to me" I ended with a smile. we just talked about our lives and he talked about how his life has changed ever since he was in the band. I really like him not just for fame but as a good friend.

                                                                      zayns POV

im really starting to like Emily but not as a friend as something more. I really like her. I hope she will like me back. not because in famous. but for me for my personality. then we started to drink our hot chocolate. do you want to meet the boy. I asked. umm sure but would you mind if I bring my best friend along to she is a big fan of harry. she told me and I smiled at her. we headed off home it was dark and I didn't want her to get hurt so I offered her a ride and she said yes. I dropped her of her house and walked her in. I gave her a small peck on the check and she turned red. she smiled at me and I gave her my number so we can stay in touch.  


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