What I've Learned About The One Direction Fandom

Well then!! Hello my people!! as you know, the one direction fandom is INSANE. So, as I am a part of it, I'm just gonna share a few things about the one directino fandom that I've learned over the course of two years :)


1. The fans

Okay, so here's what I've learned about the girls:

Every fan has a favourite boy. Either Louis Liam Harry Niall or Zayn. Now, each of these girls has a personality trait.

Liam girls:Nice, sweet tempered girls whose ovaries die when their idol wears tanks tops.

Louis girls: Sassy shits who keep fighting over whether Louis is with Eleanor or Harry. Nice enough as long as you agree with their views on who Louis is in a relationship with.

Zayn girls: Peaceful fucks who are just trying not to get hated on. Are always saying "just ride the rollercoaster that is life" whenever someone is upset.

Niall girls: Cute crazy mofos who are all sweet and cuddly but as soon as you put "niall" and "girlfriend" in the same sentence they go all ape shit on you and start to attack you in packs.

Harry girls: Crazy freaks that will murder any living vagina that comes near their god. Usually not the truest fans and are only in it or Harry. 

Now, I'm not saying that ALL the fans fall under this category. Some of the Harry girls actually are very supportive of Harry's relationships. I've seen Zayn girls send hate to Perrie (zayn's gf) on a daily basis. But that is just how a lot of the fans are. 

Now, these girls are very supportive of each other. If a wanted fans or belieber starts attacking them, then those mofos just walked into the wrong neighborhood. We will attack like viscious guard dogs. No lie. Don't mess with our fandom, or we will rip you to shreds. Not only do we fight back, but we take your insult, make a joke out of it, and try to make as uncomfortable as humanely possible. So don't fuck with us. You'll regret it. 

That's all for now i'll update whenever i want mofos. 

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