The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: The Locket

Amelia Rose Holmes. Is Not your average High school student. With the constant drama of her life and the ever so sudden appearance of James Moriarty will she be protected.
(Sherlock Holmes fanfic)


21. vaults

Later that day I found myself hand in hand with Moriarty, pretending once again. The cuts and bruises that covered my skin had faded for the most part. Iron was at the back of the group, being bossed around by Hunter.

I wasn't quite sure how old Hunter was but she was surely older than me. Possibly 17? Oh well it wasn't like it was important but I hated the way she thought she was so superior to everyone. We had started to walk to the vault, once again our heads held down. It was completely fine though because I knew if someone noticed me, blood would be spilt.

I was still very sure that Moriarty didn't expect me, that he didn't know what I was up to. I dreaded what would happen if he did. I still couldn't believe I was here, and Sherlock still thought I hated him. I needed to call him, soon. It would be an impulse call, he would probably think I was being tortured or something. No-one would have ever thought the daughter of one of the richest families in London would have ran away against her parents as some sort of rebellion. Well, that's what the news paper had described it as anyway.


I had always thought about what life would have been like if I had have been poor, destitute. I guess that's what Hunter and Iron were, there lives must have been so much worse than mine. Whilst I was being carted off to leading boarding schools they were probably living in slums. Not that it affected anything. Iron was the sweetest, most understanding boy I'd ever met, he was like John. He was more like John than I had even realised. Kind, understanding and generous. Most girls swooned over one direction yet I found Iron, the boy with dirty blonde hair and ice grey eyes that seemed to pierce through souls, the most handsome boy on earth. I really thought I loved Moriarty. Yet the more and more I spent time with him, I seemed to despise him. He was cold and ruthless, the complete opposite of Iron.

I knew I would have to burn the great Gatsby book that lay in my back pack as soon as I could. It was a constant reminder that everything bad had happened because of that book, because he handed it to me. We reached the mountains.

" We are not climbing up there? Are we?" I asked looking up at the large monument that lay before me. Hunter and Moriarty nodded in unison.


" This will work to our advantage we can stay at the back and text Sherlock." Iron explained quietly. We hung back slightly, claiming we wanted to take in the beautiful sights. Hunter smirked at that but we just brushed it off.

" If we're both huddled around a phone it will look suspicious. You go near the front and I'll text Sherlock our every move." He continued. I obeyed and ran to the front into Moriarty's arms. Every now and then I would look back to see Iron tapping away at the sleek black keyboard. I hadn't noticed Hunter near the front for a while and as I turned my head for the final time. I watched as the phone was snatched from his grasp and he fell to the floor as Hunter 's hand hit the back of her head with great force. I went to scream but Moriarty placed his hands over my mouth, pushing me into the cave near by. Hunter threw the phone over the edge of the mountain, destroying the tracking device.

I must have blacked out from lack of air as when I awoke I was tied to a chair opposite Moriarty.

“ Psychopath!" I screamed at his sly smile. He smiled back at me, circling around my chair."

"I wondered how long it would take you. You're pretty slow being related to Sherlock" He snarled. I knew Sherlock would be here soon he would get a helicopter or something like that over and save me; I just had to do as I was told until he did so. A large door stood before me, a set of numbers beside it. The vault.

“All you have to do is tell us the code" Hunter demanded, her voice deathly sweet. I laughed. I looked around the room. Everyone stared straight into my eyes. I shook my head. I couldn't I had to buy time. Moriarty briskly walked over to Iron, dragging his up by his collar, grabbing a knife as he did

“The code?" He asked again, placing the knife beside Iron's throat. A rush of panic overwhelmed me and my thoughts began to race wildly. Soon Sherlock and Mycroft would be here.

"Three" I muttered.

"What?" Moriarty spat. I nodded towards the vault and he dialled the number in. I thought back to the piece of paper in the locket that I had hidden in the back of my phone. I thought hard to remember back to what the code was, buying myself valuable time. 20 minutes left until he was here.

" one… I think" I said.

" Don't mess with me Amelia." He scowled. I nodded, confirming the number was right. 15 minutes. I smiled at the vault, watching Moriarty's eyes narrow.

“What?" He shouted, walking right in front of me.

“I can't remember the rest of the code" I laughed, lying through my teeth. Of course I knew the code. I knew it better that I knew what day it was. 12.

“Shut up! Yes you can!" He shouted, an almost scream.

“Maybe if you untied me and let me type the code myself it would jog my memory?" I said, smiling innocently. He nodded and ordered to of his crew to untie me.

“Thank you" I said, sarcastically. I walked over the vault tracing my fingers over the keys lightly. I breathed in and out calculating it was only 8 minutes till freedom. I had almost forgotten to think out how I was going to escape but I now had a plan.

“Maybe you could hurry up?" Hunter asked, impatiently. I filed my eyes at her, turning back to the vault. I glanced down at Iron, who lay on the floor, spaced out slightly. I smiled back at him and he grinned. I went to go to the eighth key but pretended to hesitate and go back to the 6th key pressing it into the door. 5 minutes. One more key to go. I scratched my head. How was I going to space out a two second job over 5 minutes? I racked my mind for some sort of Idea. I needed to show stress, emotions. I needed to fake cry. I forced the tears from my eyes and faced everyone, Hunter sighed deeply.

I decided that I'd spent enough time clearing so turned back to the vault. I hovered over a few different keys, before seeing a dark figure at the mouth of the cave. No one else seemed to notice.

“You know everyone needs a safe word" I smiled, turning around.

“What do you mean?" Moriarty asked, clearly clueless I thought back to when me and Sherlock used to gang up on Mycroft we would have two special words that meant attack

. “Holmes Forever" Said the figure and I in unison. I Smiled at Sherlock for the split second before we started to attack. The fight came as a hazy blur but I remember knocking Moriarty unconscious and grabbing Iron as we raced out of the cave.

We reached the Helicopter. We were safe.

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