The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: The Locket

Amelia Rose Holmes. Is Not your average High school student. With the constant drama of her life and the ever so sudden appearance of James Moriarty will she be protected.
(Sherlock Holmes fanfic)


4. The Mysterious Lab boy



I got up slowly and wandered into the halls. The building was a lot bigger and maze like than I had cared to notice. I saw an open door at the end of the corridor so decided to check in there. There was no point being scared when you had a job to do but silence in the building was unnerving.

“Hey! Hey! You." said a voice behind me that seemed to be getting closer. I turned around to see a boy, not a man; a boy around fifteen, or so, just a year older than I.

"Who are you?" he continued. I studied his face for a second. He had almost purple eyes and the fairest skin. He smiled at me." You're Mia Holmes" He deduced.

" How d'you know?" I smiled back, actually wondering how he knew. He nodded at the room before me. I took it as an answer. He led me into the 'office' which was more like a lab dressed up like an office. He  hadn't actually told me how he knew but I guessed by the far wall being collaged in family photo's of me and Sherlock explained it.

“ So what’s up? You looked really upset back there” He replied, sitting onto the stool beside us.

“ Oh. You saw that? It’s just, I’m being  home schooled this week and it’s so boring being the only person there! The only thing that excites me about school is reading! Even that’s scarce” I rambled on, sitting onto the stool next to his. He stood  back up, and flicked through the book shelves and took a large red book out and handed to me.

“ The Great Gatsby. It’s a great book. Have you read it?” he asked me. I shook my head. The book was so elegant with its burgundy, soft feel and golden logo. “ You can borrow it if you like?” he continued.


“ Thanks!” I exclaimed. “ But I need to go, I need to find Sherlock before he leaves with out me” He waved behind, whilst I ran quickly trying to find Sherlock.


Then I saw him.


"Sherlock wait up!" I shouted after him as he pretended to ignore me. I ran after him. " Hey Sherlock,  talk to me!" He looked back at  at me an carried on walking back to the cab." Please Sherlock" I cried out quietly. He turned around and opened his arms slightly , with tears flowing from my eyes like a waterfall I accepted his hug. This was the thing. We didn't need words to tell each other we didn't mean what we said, or what we did we just knew. We didn’t always get along but deep down I adored him.

Before we knew it we were in the cab going home. Beep....Beep...Beep!. My phone was a never ending vibration of texts like ' Mia where are you?' or ' Mia! You're never at school ?'. Some times I wished I never had a phone, it would be easier. Not having to come up with some stupid excuse but it didn't matter now, I wasn't ever going back.

"John call a home schooling teacher" muttered Sherlock handing John his phone. Oh yeah, I thought there was still that.




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