The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: The Locket

Amelia Rose Holmes. Is Not your average High school student. With the constant drama of her life and the ever so sudden appearance of James Moriarty will she be protected.
(Sherlock Holmes fanfic)


7. The locket.



I was determined not the say a word as I has slipped into the car, but soon the whole cab was engrossed in a deep talk. Sherlock reached inside of his pocket and pulled out a mystery object. It was a locket, in the deepest shade of bronze with a bright blue sapphire encrusted onto the back. It was beautiful and obviously expensive.


“So it’s some Old antique. So what? Where did you get it?” I questioned suddenly bored of looking at old things. I heard a sigh from the back of the cab; I turned around to see a new face. He had salt and pepper-grey hair and startling ice grey eyes. He seemed to smile at my confused face. He looked almost as old as the necklace itself.


“No, Amelia. It’s an ancient locket passed down through generations of our family. It holds the key to the most important vault in the Holmes family history.” He sighed.

“ Mia, I found it under my dinner plate tonight, I’m not sure how it got there but its very precious” Sherlock said, not quite sure what to think of my confused face.

 It sure did look important, but why was I there if it was something so important.

 “And we want you to take care of it.” He continued


As he passed me the locket I inspected it in more detail. It had a bunch of words I couldn't make out engraved on the back. I was obviously meant to keep it safe.

“I can’t wait to show Felix” I muttered. He would love it; he was interested in those things.

“No Mia. This is something just for our knowing. I trust your instincts usually but this time I think you’re wrong. Felix just seems too good to be true?” Said Sherlock, sternly. I knew he was clearly concerned but she knew Felix. He was to be trusted right?

“ Sherlock, leave her alone. Its young love” John teased, smiling at me kindly. I felt my self blushing.


“Amelia, You realise how important this is right?” Said the old man. I nodded. Who was this guy trying to tell what to do me what to do? As the car pulled up to the house I was the first to get out and sprinted upstairs. I uncoiled the necklace from inside my clutch bag. I opened it gently and saw a little parchment of paper. It had a code on it, probably the code to the vault.


I secured the locket in safe. I was surely going to show Felix the next day. Mother and father had left a voice message saying they wouldn’t be coming back from Australia till next month. I sat onto my bed and I soon found myself falling into a deep sleep.


“Where is she? ”said a cold voice.

“I don’t know? When I find her I’m going to rip that necklace from her neck if it kills me or her” Another voice chirped in, more savage than the other. I felt myself running as fast as I could into branches the necklace safely twisted round my neck. I kept running, tripping once or twice until I came to the cliff edge. I needed to keep the necklace safe. I needed to jump…’


I awoke screaming, Sherlock and Mycroft surrounded me, looking confused yet sympathetic. The clock read 3 am, and the sky was a charcoal grey, somewhat like the old mans hair.

“ Are you okay?” Asked Sherlock, throwing me a blanket. I nodded.” Really? Usually when people scream like a banshee there’s something wrong ”


“ Why are you up anyway?” I asked, rubbing my eyes which were dry and sore, trying to avoid the question. He explained to me how they were having a meeting about future cases.” At 3 am?”

“ Yes its all very secretive.” He said turning out the lights “Night,”

I tossed and turned until the clock read 6 am. I walked up to the safe, opened it using the code 221B and there was the locket as shiny as ever. I tied it round my neck and wondered out into the hall.

“ Sherlock?”

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