The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: The Locket

Amelia Rose Holmes. Is Not your average High school student. With the constant drama of her life and the ever so sudden appearance of James Moriarty will she be protected.
(Sherlock Holmes fanfic)


3. Seven Disappearing's, Seven Murders, in Seven Days.






 I retrieved the news paper I had hidden under my pillow; ignoring Sherlock's attempts at sympathy. The news paper was thicker than usual, but I didn't think anything of it. The head lines were the usual, you know '£26.2 million shoes sold at auction' or 'New panda born at zoo', Just the standard. This is why I didn't read the news paper usually, but something about this one intrigued me.

I flicked through the boring gossip pages, Sherlock was still at my door, heavy breathing filled the silence. More boring factual pages dragged on; I started wishing I hadn't picked it up. None-the-less I slowly turned the what seemed thickest page to reveal what I wasn't expecting.


"Sherlock! " I shouted unlocking the door.” Sherlock look!" I continued throwing the newspaper in his face. I knew we had a case when his face went deathly pale but his lip curled into a smile.

“We have a case" He laughed. “John go down to the newsagents and buy every edition of the Daily Ytrairom.”

*    *    *

Ring. Ring. RING!  I woke up to the screaming of my alarm clock as Sherlock peered over me.

"What the heck, Sherlock its 5 am" I groaned as he opened the curtains to let in streaming sunlight.” I’ve got school at 9!"

" Well you better get a move on then " He chortled, throwing clothes at me. After quickly dressing my self and avoiding Mycroft, I walked onto the porch.  The blue sky seemed paralyzed, the sun proudly shining in the sky. Sherlock, John and I got into the next cab. I looked out of the window and watched the clouds that gently galloped in the sky, smothering the ever so needed sun. That’s how I felt, one minute I was there the next I was gone, not needed, forgotten. 

"So Mia', how’s school?" Said john, yawning, as tired as I was. I laughed bitterly. I hadn't gone through a whole week at school for 6 months, it wasn't a problem though. I know what I wanted to be, a detective. I decided not to go through my whole heart breaking story of being deprived of school and answered with,

"Yeah it’s fine."

The rest of the journey was silent and awkward. Sherlock was in his 'mind palace' and John wouldn't dare interrupt. We passed miles of empty barren land, the type that murders could happen on. The car pulled to a sudden halt outside a large building.

"Get out then" Sherlock said his face smiling but he was distant, almost as distant as Mycroft. Was it the arguments? We strolled up the concrete stair case to a science lab and sat around a large glass table.

"So this is the news paper." Mumbled John “But none of the other issues have the same thick page article, You never did let me read the article,"


"So this page wasn't found in any other copies?" I whined just hoping someone would just straighten everything out.

“ Oh Shut up Mia” said Anderson, my brothers most hated colleague. He was good at his job but his attitude was just plain rude.

Sherlock raised his eyebrows as he read through the article once more after john had. I saw an abandoned laptop on the table nearest to ours. I walked over and grabbed it. It was Sherlock's. He seemed too engrossed in his article to notice what I was doing.

“All these people have to be linked... by a name maybe." he mumbled.

It had a password. Of course it did, this was Sherlock we were talking about, I thought. So I knew my brother, through and through, or I thought I did at least. I thought hard and came to the conclusion that the password was impossible to crack, or impossible for me to anyway. Another one Sherlock's colleagues, pushing Anderson out of the way as he did, came up to me as I leaned over the screen.


“Try MiaHolmes, no spaces" he whispered and walked off into another lab. I typed it in slowly and pressed enter.

"Welcome Sherlock!" it read. I smiled and felt a false sense of accomplishment, I went to say thank you, but he was gone. 

"Excuse me Mia. What are you doing?" said  Sherlock, bluntly. I showed him an email he had. He ran over and snatched the laptop away from me. He started muttering things and pacing up and down the lab.

"He's back… Moriarty! How didn't I see this coming?" Sherlock went on.

“ Who the Heck’s Moriarty?” John questioned, clearly as confused as everyone in the room. Sherlock sighed deeply, as if we were all plain stupid.

“ Moriarty,” He continued “ Is the most feared man in the business. I don’t know who he really is but I do know that if he gets involved in any of our cases, which he will try too, all hell breaks loose. He is the devil.

“ I suggest that Mia stays home schooled for a year or too, Maybe more” Said Sherlock, pacing up and down the lab.

“ Oh and I get no say in this? ” I retorted, louder than I had realised. Everyone turned to look at me, my cheeks going red. Sherlock sat down slowly, typing away at his computer.

“ No, you don’t” he declared, reading through what he had written.


Anger brewed up inside me, like a cauldron full of hate, anguish and pure spite. How dare he tell me I can’t have a life, or as close as.

"Shut up!" I shouted " I'm sick and tired of not being able to be normal and go to school it's not fair! You get everything Sherlock. What do I get? I get you and Mycroft Fighting, I get no social life and you know what? I used to look up to you but now I pity you because it must have been so hard to ruin everyone's life but yours" I screamed, more tears trickling from my eyes. I slumped down onto the floor my hands cupping my face.

John gave Sherlock a look that said ' I'll talk to her’. Sherlock dragged Anderson out of the room with him.John came and sat next to me.

" He cares about you. You know that don't you?" He said. I wished John was my older brother, he was kind and understood people's feelings. I nodded. I knew Sherlock cared, he just didn't show it. I glanced up at the clock it read 7 am. I had 2 hours till I would have gone to school but instead I would have another homeschooling teacher, who would be scared off by my skills of deduction. Great, I thought.

I got up and went to find Sherlock. We needed to talk.



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