The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: The Locket

Amelia Rose Holmes. Is Not your average High school student. With the constant drama of her life and the ever so sudden appearance of James Moriarty will she be protected.
(Sherlock Holmes fanfic)


10. Felix? who cares!




I opened my eyes screaming, the white walls were blinding against the morning sun. I saw a women in a blue uniform checking a folder with my name written on it. It suddenly clicked, this was a hospital.

Sherlock emerged from the door and ran over tears in his eyes.

"Oh thank god your okay!" He whispered slowly. John and Mycroft soon joined us. I was handed the file. It said the cause of my black outs and bad dreams was my lack of sleep and too much shock

"Mia you can't come on any more cases for now, not until your better."

I was speechless.

"No! No, you cant, I...You've never let anything else get in the way!" I said half crying, half screaming. I felt myself shaking uncontrollably. I tried to show them I was okay but I wasn't doing well at it. Sherlock just shook his head and walked away his hands rested under his chin, as always. I looked into John's eyes, he hesitated as he stood up, but he  still followed, none the less.

It was just me and Mycroft now. Surely he wasn't going to leave me?, like everyone did. I was like the puppy no one wanted, that they just put up with. I reached out for the mirror on the bedside table and stared at my reflection. 

Staring back at me was the girl with the sapphire blue eyes, imperfect skin and defined cheek bones. Tears roll down her cheeks but she wipes them away slowly. I am Amelia Holmes and a Holmes does not cry.

I saw Mycroft flinch as I smashed the mirror onto the floor. I looked across over to the coffee shop and saw Sherlock and John sitting in silence, probably planning how to make sure I never go onto another case. Suddenly they start talking?


"Sherlock,  has  Felix even been around lately?" John questioned,  sipping his coffee slowly. Sherlock smirked as he lifted his head.


"Felix? Who cares? I... She's never going to forgive me!" He moaned, throwing his head back into his hands. I turned back to Mycroft he smiled at me, sympathetically.

" Don't act like you care! " I snarled at Mycroft,  as he slowly raised from his seat I realized what I had said I burst into tears " I'm sorry. I" but he was gone. I turned onto my side and stared into the wall. I thought hard about what I would do when I was discharged.  I picked up my mobile from the draw in the table. I decided to ring mum and dad. The phone rang a few times. 


" Hey Mia, Can I call you later? Its not a convenient time." Said the voice down the phone.  I sighed, it never is a convenient time, and chocked back tears holding the phone away from my quiet sobs.


"Yeah sure..." I muttered hanging up quickly. I looked over at the clock 9 pm. By this time usually I wouldn't have even started my 3rd case of the evening but I felt myself falling once again into a deep sleep.


"Grab her you idiot!" Said the colder voice. I ran further till I reached the cabin, the on in the woods with the Ivy and the few random wild flowers bobbing around the lake. I  ran into the cabin and slammed the door, the pictures on the walls crashed onto the floor around me. I heard foot steps surround the cabin. 



I covered my mouth with my hands, trembling trying not the scream. I saw the trap door under the chair. I pushed the arm chair out the way with great force and jumped down the door.

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