The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: The Locket

Amelia Rose Holmes. Is Not your average High school student. With the constant drama of her life and the ever so sudden appearance of James Moriarty will she be protected.
(Sherlock Holmes fanfic)


5. Felix? As In the Cat food?




As the brick pierced through the window, Sherlock motioned us to get down on the floor of the cab. I did so, shutting my eyes tight. The darkness was reassuring, like it was all a dream. The taxi soon sped up again and I heard John cursing loudly. I emerged from my hiding place and sat back on the seat. I saw John holding a piece of paper. Sherlock snatched the white soft sheet from his hands and scanned it quickly. 


It read:


" Their name's were Mia, they are all connected."

Moriarty x


He shoved the paper into his pocket. I wondered what the mystery snowy document was. Probably a bill, hopefully a bill. The rest of the car journey was an uneventful and dull haze, much like my school life, which was about to get duller. The car pulled up to our cottage. I felt weird calling it a cottage as aren't cottages meant to be small and delightful. And well our house was...not that. It was large, spacious and cold, just like the space between our family.


I ran upstairs to change into something more suitable for home schooling and went back down stairs. I had no intention of trying in my classes but I thought I might as well make an effort  to have a first good impression. The door bell rang. But the tutor was here and I wasn't expecting anyone from school to visit. There at the door stood Mysterious lab boy.


" Felix King, I’m here for school and to see if you like your book. " He announced smiling.. He followed me into the study where the new tutor was already seated, I wasn't expecting a class mate.. We sat on the bean bags in the far corner with a pen and note book.      


"Like the cat food then?" I added whilst the tutor sorted out his text book. He laughed, I smiled back, I couldn't help it, he was one of those people that gave you a warm feeling when you're around them. “ So, why are you here?”

“ Ah, I know…people” He grinned.


" I am professor Donald Braithewaite, You will call me Sir. After teaching at Edinburgh university for 30 years I believe I am quite the expert when it comes to well...everything. My motto is What I don't know is not worth knowing" He smirked." Today we shall study the importance of why television is ruining the minds of your generation." He continued, clearing his throat.


We sat through an endless story of how TV rotted the mind and how we should concentrate on becoming things like doctors or lawyers, and pity those who chose the way of the arts. We started to talk through his boringly tedious talk, until given a stare that could burn through your skin. 


" What about a detective?" I chirped, hoping he would approve. He laughed slightly, but sharply ended and went back to his serious self.


" You, a detective? Ah I don't think so. Your not stern enough and frankly Its not a such an occupation for a young lady" He spat. I stood up slowly, like you would near a ferocious Rottweiler. He stared into my eyes, waiting for a response.


" What?" I whispered, trying to keep my voice strong and cold. 

"Why don't you concentrate on becoming a nurse? Something more suitable," He said smugly, retying his school boy like tie.


"Shut up, She can be what she wants to be. Maybe you should find a more suitable job? I mean, we haven’t really learnt anything interesting at all!" Commented Felix,  who had previously been silent, as he stood up. The anger seemed to boil up in Donald like a kettle.of piping hot water, as he turned a darker shade of crimson by the second.


" I can not stand rudeness." he said, almost screaming." I can't do this anymore! I hate teaching, I hate teachers and most of all I hate children!" He bellowed, before he grabbed his brief case and stormed out, slamming the door behind him. Mycroft and Sherlock stood outside study, staring at him in  what looked like, disbelief. I had presumed right.


"Where are you going?" Mycroft started, but was interrupted by Sherlock


" I think he's finally cracked" He said, a faint smile crossed his lips.


" I quit!" He screamed ,storming out once more.


I heard Felix emerge from the silent room. He was smiling, as usual but he seemed slightly patronized by Mycroft's smug face.


" I will see you tomorrow" He said awkwardly, racing out of the door. I waved back just as awkwardly, as he seemed to join the angry teacher who was fiercely walking back to his car.


" So he is going to be your date to the Summer Ball?" Said Sherlock and Mycroft in unison.


" Summer what?" I cried, embarrassed.

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