I Love You To The Moon and Back (Niall fantic)

Olivia lives a normal life for a normal teenage girl in London. Until she meets someone on the walk home. Her life is going to be like a rollercoaster ride. She will have fun moments, crazy ones and bad ones. But she will always pull through no matter what because she will have that special someone in her life to help her along..


5. 5

Olivia's POV

I walked over to Niall and Tyler and sat on the floor next to Niall.

"What are you boys playing?" I laughed.

"I don't really know." Niall said looking at me.

"AIRPLANE!" Tyler said jumping on Niall.

"Tyler don't jump on him." I said trying not to laugh

"He's fine." Niall said while lifting Tyler up in the air. Tyler put out his hands and made airplane noises

"Well you guys have." I said getting up. "Tyler do you know where sissy went?"

"She went outside." he said in between his fits of laugher

I walked outside to find her but she wasn't there. "Natalie? Are you out here?"

"Yeah.." she said from behind me sounding a bit annoyed

"Come inside it's about to rain" I said motioning her to come in

"Whatever.." she said rolling her eyes

"What is the matter with, uh?" I said stopping her in her tracks

"I just don't want to be here."

"And why not? I haven't seen you in ages."

"I just don't ok. I want to be at home with mom and dad not...you" She walked past me and slammed the door behind her. I flinched.

I sat down on the stairs outside and just bawled my eyes out.

"Are you ok?" I heard a thick Irish voice say behind me

I wiped my tears away "Yeah I'm fine" Niall came and sat down behind me

"No you're not. You're crying. What happened?"

"My sister hates me. She said that...that she didn't want to be here with me. That really broke my heart." I said crying even more now. "I think you should go. I don't want you to see me like this."

"No I'm not leaving. I am not leaving you like this." he said looking at me. I looked at him and crying even harder this time. I laid my head on his chest and cried like I never cried before. He wrapped his arms around me.

"How about we go in-" before he could say anything else rain started pouring down. He looked at me and I looked at him. He slowly leaned in and before I knew it we were kissing in the rain. I felt sparks fly. Well I can check that off my bucket list.

A/N: Hey my lovely's! Sorry I haven't updated in a long time. I will try to update on Monday. Hoped you liked it. Thanks so much for reading!(:    

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