I Can... Explain? (Completed)

"Melissa please wait!" "Leave me alone Niall!" I shouted but didn't turn around. I was determined to shake him away. He'd done enough. "Melissa! Please! I-I-I-I can explain?" "What's there to explain? We were happy together and then one day you left to become famous! That's all there is Niall! All there is. So just go back to your famous rock star life and leave me ALONE!" I scoffed off, leaving him in the dust. Copyright © 2013


12. Chapter 12


I shut the door as quietly as I could, careful not to wake up Clarice. She hated being woken up, I learned that the first week we started living together. But just as I made my way over to my bed, the lamp switched on and there was Clarice sitting in our desk chair. "Where have you been? I have worried sick about you! I called Zach but he said you were talking to Niall?" "Yeah I was." "Melissa! I thought you were over Niall!" "Clarice. I've always been in love with Niall and I always will be. And going out with another guy is just going to make things worse." "But Melissa, I thought me setting up with Zach would change that?" "No other guy will change my feelings for Niall. Not ever." Clarice did a face palm, "All right, all right. I get it. I just thought you and Zach would be cute together!" "He's a nice guy but he kept bringing up Niall then lectured me about how if I'm still into a guy not to go out with another one. He understood, in fact he's the one who told me to go talk to Niall." "He did?" She asked slightly surprised. "Yep it's true. I'm glad Niall and I are together again, I'm a whole lot happier now." "You got back together?" She asked raising her eyebrows. "Yeah... why wouldn't we?" "He left you Melissa! Left you for over a year to become famous. He never called or contacted you in any way whatsoever. Why? Because he was off touring the world with band. Which of course is amazing but still? He could've called at least." I sighed, "I understand your concern for me Clarice. And I appreciate it too, but Niall and I are very happy together. You're my best friend I thought you'd be happy for me." "I am Melissa, but I just don't want you getting hurt again." "I'm not going to get hurt again. Niall would never hurt me on purpose." She nodded, "All right well, I'm glad you're happy. Now if you'll excuse me... I'm going to bed." She got out of her chair and straight into her bed. I changed into my pajamas and switched off the lamp before falling asleep myself.

- Next morning -

My alarm went off at the usual time, eight-thirty. I quickly shut it off and grabbed my towel for my shower. I got dressed; blow dried my hair and did my makeup all before nine-thirty. When I first started college my mornings were a bit hectic but now they're calm and organized. By the time I got back Clarice was just getting up, "Morning sleepy head" I said grabbing my bag. "You're leaving already? You're usually up later?" "I know but I want to get to class early so I can get my makeup work." "Makeup work? What for?" I froze; I had completely forgotten to tell her about what happened yesterday other than Niall and me getting back together. "Oh I just um... missed class yesterday because I was talking to Niall. No big deal! Oh well see you later!" I was about to leave when Clarice blocked me at the door, "Melissa. You're lying. I always know when you're lying to me. What really happened yesterday?" I gestured her to sit down before sitting down myself. I took a breath, "Well I was on the phone talking to Niall yesterday and someone attacked me." "Oh my goodness! Who?" "Well back when we were both in high school there was this guy named Hunter Reynolds. Scrawny boy but super muscular. Anyway a few years ago Niall's mum was struggling with money and Niall felt so bad that he wanted to get her more money so he started gambling. A lot and well he wasn't that great at it. Hunter was one of the guys who were involved and Niall owed him a lot of money." "Like how much money?" "Like two grand." "Oh my gosh." "Yeah anyway, Niall thought he was free of him until one day at school Hunter roughed him up and told him that if he didn't have his money at a certain time that he was going to hurt me" I looked at my feet before continuing, "And sadly for me Niall couldn't come up with the money time and well... um.. That day was a horrible day for me." "What happened?" Clarice asked in a calm voice. "Hunter um... took advantage of me." "Oh Melissa I'm so sorry!" "And you know Niall got him his stupid money that very next day. And about four months later he auditioned for the X-Factor and well there you go. And so when I was talking to him on the phone yesterday...” "Hunter attacked you?" "Yeah. That's why I have this on my neck" I moved my hair to the left side of my neck revealing the scar. "Oh my goodness!" Clarice's eyes nearly fell out of her skull, "Melissa I'm so sorry!" "It's no big deal, I got to the hospital in time and I'm just fine." "I'm so glad wow that must've been hard. Having to deal with all that, not just the events from yesterday. All of it." "Thank you and I'm really just glad everything worked out and everyone is ok." She nodded, "Yeah that's always good." I stole a quick glance at the clock, "Holy crap I'm late!" I grabbed my bag from the base of my feet and bolted for the door, "See you later Clarice!"

- After class -

I got to talk my teacher when class was over to go over the work I missed, thankfully there wasn't a ton. I wouldn't be up 'til three in the morning tonight. Thank goodness! I went out to the parking lot where Niall was practically hiding, "What are you hiding from? There are no paparazzi here!" "Shh! There are still tons of fans here, I just know it." He whispered-yelled from behind an old Volkswagen. I rolled my eyes, same old Niall. "Are we going to go? I have to be at my dorm by midnight. I have a curfew you know." "Darn, I wanted you to stay over." "Maybe some other time, maybe this weekend if I don't have mounds of homework to do." "Fine, let's go. The boys really want to meet you!" He dragged me to his car which I can say was pretty fancy. "You got Range Rover?" "Yep! My band mate Harry has one too." "Well then do you think you could buy me the new Porsche?" "Sure!" I raised my eyebrows in shock, "Are you serious?" "Yeah sure why not. I've got tons of money now." "Niall was only joking I have a perfectly nice car." "All right but if you ever get in a serious wreck, God forbid I will pitch in and buy you another car." I rolled my eyes, "I'll keep that in mind." The car ride was pretty full of Niall talking about the tour, which you know I was happy to listen to but it made me feel a tad left out. I wish I could've gone to America or seen the rest of Europe. I've never been outside of the UK and it would be really nice to be able to travel more. "As amazing as America was, Australia was the best! Not only were the fans mad but just the weather and the surf wow!" "You surf?" "No but Liam and Louis do. They dragged me along one day but I kept wiping out." "Yeah you've never really had good balance." "Hey!" He playfully whacked my arm, "You don't either!" "Yes I do! Why do you think I was good at staying at the top of the cheer pyramid?" "Oh yeah! I remember that. Do you still cheer?" I shook my head, "Not really. That was just high school. I think I'm going to study to be psychologist or something." "That sounds... interesting." "Yes it is." "Well were here!" We pulled up an apartment building, "You own this entire building?" "Ha! No! I live in the penthouse." I threw my hands up in the air dramatically, "Of course you do! And let me guess? You have your own butler named Chives?" "Ooo chives are tasty!" I shook my head, "Still obsessed with food I see." He put his arm around me as we entered the elevator, "I will always be obsessed with food." We were in the elevator for a few seconds before it opened directly in his flat, "The elevator goes straight to your apartment?" "Of course!" I shook my head as I looked around the room, "Wow" "I know! Isn't it amazing?" "Yeah, pretty amazing." The room was mainly white; in the corner Niall had his computer and all his technology. The couch and TV were far from that. "Aw! You framed the picture of you and your band?" I asked holding up a picture frame. "Yep, all our awards are here too." Upon the selves were three moon men from the VMAs along with three more awards also from MTV. "Wow this is amazing!" "Isn't it?" "Are your band members here yet?" "Nope but they're on their way, so we have the couch to ourselves." I giggled and sat down, "Why do you say the couch?" "This is why" He said smugly before pressing his lips to mine. I lay back against the pillows and he placed himself on top of me, all without breaking our kiss.


*A/N More kissing, how sweet! Don't worry nothing dirty is going down right now :P I'm so glad you guys are reading this! I really am, it makes me really happy to see that people like my story :) Please continue giving this story your love! Like, comment, favorite and fan! <333 Elizabethluvs1D xx PS: Random thought here but if you guys ever have any ideas for me I'm open to them! If you give one I really like I may use it and then possibly give you a shout out (; All right, peace! xx*

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