The Adventures of Two Half-Bloods

Jules Woodsworth, the half-blood child of Athena and Ash (not the pokemon trainer [PIKACHU I CHOOSE YOU!]) Kroft, child of Hades, didn't know the other existed untill their brought together by a quest at Camp Prophecy. WARNING:may contain strong language


3. Ash Kroft. entering the camp.


“A camp, really.” I said. “Just go” my mom said. As I stepped through the gate…

***********************end of recap***************************

As I stepped through the gate I saw way to many people running around. I turned to leave but Horace grabbed my arm and pulled me to a huge building. As we got to the front step of the building Horace pulled off his pants and revealed… GOAT LEGS!?  “WHAT THE FUDGE MAN! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?”

“Well you probably would have never believed it.” Horace said calmly as we entered the huge house.

“Ahh Horace welcome home. How long has it been?” boomed a voice. “About 14 years, Cyrus.”  Said Horace. Then a man in his late 40’s early 50’s stepped out from a room. “Welcome Ash.” He said shaking my hand. “Hello?” I said confused. Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, until you are claimed by your godly parent, you will stay in the Ares cabin with the children of Apollo.” (Obviously) he said. “Oh gott” I mumbled (oh god in German) I’ve heard about children of Ares on our way over here and Horace said to stay away from them. I wonder why. I mean I know there the war gods child but what’s so bad about them?

**************** skip to a few hours later********************

Oh dear lord I hope my father isn’t Ares. These people are absolutely annoying, they fight about everything and when I say everything, I mean everything. SHOOT ME NOW! I’d rather rot in a hole then be here.

****************skip to dinner time*****************************

After eating a huge dinner, Horace showed me around camp.

“… and there’s Hades cabin but no one lives there.” I looked at the cabin in awe. I felt so drawn to it, like I belonged there. “Come on I want you to meet someone” Horace said running to a big blue cabin. “Welcome to the final cabin, the cabin of Poseidon.” He said. “Percy, I want you to meet someone” Horace shouted to the cabin. Out came a boy with black hair and green eyes. “Hello I’m Percy Jackson and you are..” Percy said expecting me to finish. “Ash Kroft” I mumbled not wanting to talk.

_______________2 week’s later__________________________________

I still haven’t been claimed by my father yet. L I’ve learned a lot in 2weeks, like I hate a lot of people here, I’m an amazing fighter, and not many people like me.

Percy came running to me and said that Cyrus has requested my presence at the big house. As I stepped through the door I noticed Cyrus was in the office so I went in and sat down. “We’re just waiting for 1 other person” he said. Then I heard the door open. I went to turn around and I saw a girl in a green hoodie step through the door. 

A/N Entschuldigung für die  (sorry for the German) hehehe i wrote that in german.


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