running, crying, believing.

sad poem/song about a wretched man's life. It explains his longing for suicide and his enthusiasm for punk rock.


1. The Jesus of The Alleyways.

I am running down the backstreets of this dirty town.

Knocking over bins wishing i was being shot down.

Scared and Bearded , wretched and bleeding.


I am kneeling...

To death...To death


I run through my front door.

My life is no longer a bore.

I tighten the noose,

Set up a chair,

I am so much like a grizzly bear,

 Torn up clothes,

raggedy shoes,

Never again shall I read the evening news.

I stand on the chair,

noose round my neck.

Hoping everyone could bear witness,

to what I am going through.

I kick the chair, I hear a SNAP.

I am kneeling...

To death... To death... To death...

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