Being Dan Howells Sister

Hi I'am Raven, Dan Howells(Danisnotonfire) Younger Sister. You May No Him And Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) From You Tube. I Am 19yrs old and its summer. Im staying with dan and phil for the whole 6weeks holiday... Eeeek


4. Hide And Seek

Ravens P.O.V:


"Immmm Borrreddd" I whined.

"Meeee tooo!" whined phil.

"Lets play hide and seek" suggested dan.

"YEYYYYY, NOT IT!" I screamed. I giggled.

"NOT IT!" Screamed phil.

"Oh shit!, Ok Finee, 1,2,3" Counted Dan. Me and phil darted through the apartment.

"Lets hide together!" We said at the same time. I followed phil into my empty room.

"Wardrobe.." Then i faintly heard a 17,. We ran to the wardrobe and jumped inside i grabbed onto to bars at the top and flipped up.

"Ninja!" I said quietly as phil squeezed in the corner. 

"READY OR NOT HERE I COMEE!!" We heard a door open then shut. "Rae Rae..... Phily.... Come out come out wereever you are" He said demonicly. The Door opened. "I found you phil!" He said. I thought oh god oh shit phils gonna say something or hes gonna look up. I sneezed. "Achoo" My pathetic small sneeze. He looked up as my hair swung down. "Hai :D" I said.

"NINJAA!, How do you do that?!" He screamed.

"I am a ninja BIATCH!"

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