One Direction Are Vampires?~Complete~

Charlotte is a normal 15 year old girl. She is a massive fan of One Direction. Her favorite boy in 1D is Niall. Charlotte won some 1D backstage passes and whent to the concert once it finished ahe whent backstage to see them she met Niall. Once she met all of them she took a picture with her but it was time to leave. But once I left one girl came in as soon as I walked out but I noticed I left my phone backstage on top of a counter , but when I'm entering I hear screams. But I grabbed my phone and ran. But when I ran to my car I lost the car keys. So I ran back home but was like four or five miles away but I saw five guys standing there with blood on his face.………What will happen to Charlotte? Find out the rest when u read the book.


21. first time ive ever said sorry

 Toni's POV

I sat in the cabin thinking about what's been happening. I got my phone out and texted Niall: " Niall, im so very sorry I did the to you I just hope you know im still mad at her and most likely ill never be friends with her, but I just wanted you to know I am sorry. P.S Don't think this means were friends im still mad at you for trying to kill me. " I sent it then but my phone away.


 I heard a noise from outside the cabin. My fangs came out. I opened the door and immediately jumped 6 feet when I seen what it was. Standing in front of me was a werewolf but, it was in wolf form. I glared at the wolf. Then she changed into human form and cowered. she held her legs to her chest.

" don't hurt me please " she begged

" I wont hurt you if you don't hurt me " I declared

" ok " she agreed

I gave her my hand and pulled her up. She stared at me she was actually very pretty.

" im Arianna im 18 " she informed me

" im Toni Tomlinson im 170 " I smirked

She smiled she seemed nice.

" hey, I have to get back to the pack but ill be back latter on" she vowed                                                                                                                                                                  After, she left I stood there but, got knocked out of my thoughts from a sharp, burning pain. Darn it, crap stupid sun. I quickly got back inside and checked my phone Niall hadn't texted me back yet. I haven't said ' sorry '  for who knows how long.


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