Okay so I am writing a love story, this story is about a girl named Vanna. Vanna has been bullied all her life and is just a 16 year old girl on the edge of wanting to kill herself. This is until she runs into Niall Horan! Niall is gonna help her back up and help her find love"who will it be,I won't say!".... You should read, maybe you can relate to this story because I know I can.

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"Look at her so ugly and petty" Amber laughs an kicks her. "Vanna my dear, why don't you just kill yourself, trust me everyone would be happier!" Vanna weakly stands. "Oh look guys the Bitch can stand!" Amber & Austin beats Vanna tell she blacks out leaving her out in the rain.

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2. Chapter:2

Vanna's POV 
  I get out of bed and walk to my bathroom & take a quick shower. Once I brush me teeth and put my clothes on I drag my feet down the hall, an down the stairs.

"Good morning Vanna my dear!"my mom says as she brings me into a hug

"Morning mom!" I grab a banana from the bowl and sit down.

"Well lets get going no need or you to be late for school." I smile at my mom and walk out the door an to her car. On the way to school I just look out my window like always."Vanna sweetheart, if you want me to I can talk to your teacher?" 

"No mom it's fine trust me!" *thats the last thing I need it my mom walking into school with me!!!* I get out of the car, walking to the front door.

"Hey, look everyone it's the ugly ass bitch!" Amber says. She comes walking up to me and shoves me out of the way and walks on into the school.
*My everyday, get beat up and called names! Just love my life.* 

Ambers POV
 "Haha did you see her face y'all? She looked like she was gonna cry." I take me seat in the middle of the class waiting for the dork itself to walk in.

Vanna's POV 
 I make my way to first period, I hate this class the most out of them all. As I make my way to my seat in the back, Amber trips me and I fall on top of her boyfriend Austin's lap.

"Bitch get off him, you and me we gonna talk after school" she yells in my face. I jump up run to my seat. As everyone laughs.

School today went by really fast. I knew what was coming so I ran out of the school and started running. Mom doesn't pick me up after school she gets off at 12:00. I was in front of the best hotel in my city, when I feel hands push me to the ground. 

"Look she thought she could just get away! Awe how cute." Amber picks me up by my hair. I gasp in pain trying to get free. Once I see Ambers friend Sydney coming at me I close my eyes. I feel her fist pounding into my stomach , I start to arch forward only causing Amber to throw me to the ground. I stand up weakly and take my ground. 
"Oh look you guys the bitch can stand!" Amber shoves me back down on the ground. Then Austin comes in as all of them beat me till I'm out cold. 
It was a cold rainy day, my body laid there a bleed for hours. I was out for good then.

"Is she okay? Is she breathing ? What do we do? What happen?" I heard as I laid on something soft. As I opened my eyes I saw one blonde guy and brown headed girl. She must have saw me because she came running over to me. I started shacking and back as far away from her as I could." It's alright, I won't hurt you!" The brown headed girl said with an accent. "What happen to you!" She asked

"I-I don't remember!" I really don't remember a thing that happened."we're am i?" The blonde boy walked over to me."your in a hospital!" He said with an Irish accent. 
"Why am I here?" 

"We found you laying in your own blood!" She said. "What's your name?" I-I think Vanna!" That was the last thing I said before I passes back out......



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