Silent Love

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jamie Stevens and a boy named Zach Smith. Since 1 years old they've been inseparable, the both of them would do everything with each other. Whether it was Karate, Preschool or even swimming lessons, everybody knew the both of them do everything together. But can something change between them, that no one saw coming?


2. Chapter 2: World's Cheesiest Guy?

POV: Zach

   As she hugged me, all I could do was think about her. She never would admit that she was beautiful. Her eyes seemed to sparkle when she was happy. Everything about her was perfect, absolutely perfect. 

"Damn, I need to stop doing this, I sound like a loved crazed teenager."

"Even though I am one..."

"FUDGE! Man up Zach!"  I thought. Stupid mental debates. 

   "What are you thinking, in that blank head of yours?" Jamie said.

  "Excuse me? But it happens that I'm in YOUR smart class this year. Amazing right? Never underestimate the wonderful Zach Smith." I gave her a smirk, and she lightly punched me.

   "OUCH! Violence is not always the answer, Missy!" Jamie smiled brightly.

   "So where to now, madam?" I asked. I took her hand and gave it a light kiss. Jamie gigled lightly.

   "FROZEN YOGURT!!" She yelled. Suddenly a ton of rain came down.

   "I guess not Jamie" 

   "Well I GUESS, that we could just dance in the rain instead." she grinned happily and took both of my hands.

  As much as I wanted to hold her hands forever, I let go and she skipped to the puddles with her back away from me. I walked up silently, grabbed her waist and picked her up bridal style. I was lad she didn't protest because I didn't want to let her go this time.

   Shit, I was doing it again. Why can't I stop thinking the corny sentences?! I've been in love with her for 5 years! Why can't I just man up?!

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