Don't let Marcel go

Marcel is the school geek, he gets bullied everyday. What people don't know is he is in One Direction and forced them back to school. Then what happens when Alyssa comes into the picture? He changes for her and becomes popular and forgets her. When they get into fight will she leave him? or will he come back to his old self and stop her? but the most important question of all is... if she stays and gets hurt again, will she ever trust or love again? one thing we know is Harry keeps making the same mistakes.

it is Y rated because of language


39. Dress Shopping with Eleanor

"Okay so how about something like this?" She said holding up a cute looking dress but it was too elegant for my taste...

"Try something with less uh, lace, yeah..."
"Well how about- Woah! Come check out this one" I went over to where she was and saw the perfect dress.

"Oh my gosh that is the perfect dress!" I squealed and tried it on. It fit perfectly.
"Now we need to get your dress!"
"Here it is"

"Now selena is going to bring hers. What about the maid of honors?"

"This one"


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