kidnapped by one direction

Lexi was walking home from her last day of school. She see's a van following her and picks up her speed, a couple seconds later she feels someone grab her and than every thing went black. read more to find out.....


3. 2

(Lexi's POV)

I woke up with a huge headache, on a strange bed in a strange room. I tried to remember what happened and then I remembered a black van following me, arms grabbing my waist, something being put on my mouth and being put into the van.

I looked around to see a dresser, night stand, closet, bathroom, and other stuff you see in your bedroom.

"I see that your awake" a curly haired person said with 4 other people with him.

"why am I here" I said a little scared.

"we aren't telling you that now" a guy with a quiff on his head said.

"why not"

"because we cant trust you yet" the blonde one said.

" lets introduce ourselves" said the one with his hair buzzed.

"I'm Liam as in Liam Payne" hair buzzed said.
"I'm Niall as in Niall Horan" blonde said.

"I'm Louis or Lou as in Louis(or Lou)Tomlinson. The brown hair and blue eyes said.

"I'm Harry as in Harry Styles. mopped of curls said.

"I'm Zayn as in Zayn Malik. quiffy said.

"what's your name love?" Harry said.

"I'm Lexi"

"That's a beautiful name" Harry said

"Thanks" I said with my cheeks red. wait why am I blushing he kidnapped me.

"Your welcome" Harry said with a cheeky smile.

"Now all you have to do is listen to what we say and we wont do any thing to you" Zayn said to me.



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