Under the spell (Luke Brooks Story)

Scarlett Ralph is a 17 year old Student at Oakmore High, Birmingham. One day she is told she is moving hometowns and hates the fact. But does it all become good in the end?


5. Chapter 5

Sunday night came ever so quickly. I spent the weekend with my friends in town and at the cinema. It was 11pm and I couldn't get to sleep knowing I'm moving tomorrow. I had no idea where I was even going, so I decided to ponder downstairs and ask. 
'Where are we going?' I asked walking in to the living room. 
'You're  going to bed, up early tomorrow.' Mum said. 
'No. Mum, where are we moving to.' I asked again.
'You're moving up those stairs. Now,bed.' Dad told me.
'Im 17! I have a right to know where I'm moving! You can't tell me tomorrow,it's not fair! You're both pathetic excuses for parents!' I shouted. My mum and dad both looked hurt. They turned towards each other and nodded. 
'Look, Scarlett. We never intended to be this far away from ho-.' I cut my dad off.
'I didn't ask for an essay, I asked where we're going.' I spat.
'Melbourne.' My dad said. 'Now off to bed, long flight tomorrow.' 
Seriously Melbourne? Halfway across the WORLD. And they expected to tell me tomorrow? And when they tell me they shove me off to bed? I hate them! I really really hate them!  I made a 'pfft' noise and stomped upstairs. Melbourne. It rings a bell somehow. Whatever, they should have told me earlier. 24 hours  away from my bestfriend, my school, family.' This promotion better be worth it' i thought. 
I walked into my en suite and grabbed my make up wipe, wiping my makeup off. I then washed my face and brushed my teeth. I walked over to my chest of drawers and pulled out a pair of my pyjamas. I put my hair in a messy bun and put my frilly socks on. I was all ready for bed. But dreading tomorrow.
'Scarlett get up we're going to the air port in three hours! You need to make sure you've packed,get ready and say goodbye.' My mum shouted up to me. 3am. It was 3am. 3 and a half hours sleep. I new I packed everything on Friday but I walked to my suitcases anyway. And all my big things were in the removal van. Done. I logged on Facebook on my iPad as my MacBook was in the van. I put a status

Scarlett Ralph: Being forced to leave to Australia In a few hours. Melbourne. Dreading it and I will miss you guys so much! Skype and FaceTime:)<3x

That was my goodbyes, I wouldn't be able to do it face to face. I got 13 likes and 7 comments.

Isobel Toralcliffe: Melbourne?!? Halfway across the world?! Hello?! Janoskians!!!!!!

o m f g. That's where Melbourne rang a bell! I will be living in the same place as my FAVOURITE boys! As if I forgot!! I liked her comment and read the others.

Connor Fitzpatrick: Isobel told us all Isobel Toralcliffe but didn't know it was that far:( Miss you loads<3
Sam Cunningham: Guys why are we all up at this time? I will miss you so much Scarlett and I hope we see you again soon! Skype session later when you're on the plane:)x
Isobel Threlcliffe: Yeah sorry I had to tell them. Skyping session at 7 please? I will miss you loads! I'm actually crying I don't want you to go:( Stay!!x
Connor Fitzpatrick: Yeah stay;)
Megan Jones: Awwww will miss you scar:( x x
Carli: Omfg Australia?? That's so far away:( hope to see you again Scarlett! I will miss you SO much it won't be the same x

I was actually crying right now. I will miss them so much. I liked all their comments and put one back before logging off.

Scarlett Ralph: I will miss all of you! Australia is so far away and I only found out last night! When I meet the janoskians I will send a picture;) joking probably won't meet them haha:( You guys I'm crying right now, but I have to get ready I love you so much:) bye x

I already had an outfit set out with what to wear. I loved the disco shorts with my blazers they looked so cute. I changed from my pyjamas into my clothes and put my pyjamas in my case. I painted my nails a light pink colour and brushed my hair,leaving it curly. I left my luggage upstairs and walked to the kitchen. Waffles an syrup. Mmmmm. It smelt so good.

'You ready for when we leave.' Mum said. I nodded.
'You can't ignore us forever Scar.' She moaned. 

'I am all packed and have said goodbye. If you look at me, I'm dressed. There you are mother who tells me nothing yet I'm stuck with her anyway.' I said with a sarcastic smiled on my face. She rolled her eyes. I ate my two waffles and went on my iPhone. Two hours to go. Maybe I should go do something. I went into the back garden and walked down the decking steps. I ran across the large grass to the swings. I sat down on one lightly pushing myself. Thinking about everything. I felt like I was in a movie and I zoned out.

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