Under the spell (Luke Brooks Story)

Scarlett Ralph is a 17 year old Student at Oakmore High, Birmingham. One day she is told she is moving hometowns and hates the fact. But does it all become good in the end?


11. 11

I awoke in Luke's bed, but he wasnt there. I looked at my phone to see the time. 10am. I sat up hitting my head on the upper bunk. 'Ouch' I scowled rubbing my head. I was still quiet in case Gina, Jai or beau were asleep still. Probably not. I got out of the bed and looked on the top bunk, no Jai. I crept down the stairs and to my surprise everyone was in the living room, even my parents.

'You sleep for shit.' Beau said.

'Beau!' Gina told him off for swearing. 

'Sorry, I was really tired.' I said back. Luke smiled at me and oh my god that lip ring made his smile even more beautiful. I smiled back and waved at jai. I sat on beaus lap in the arm chair but then thought about Luke and hopped off.

'We're all going on a trip to the woods. Go and get ready and meet us back at 12?' Gina said to me. I was pretty annoyed as I wasn't asked if I wanted to go, but it sounded pretty cool. I just smiled and grabbed my phone then walked out the door.  

It was now half past 10 and I was in my room contemplating on what to wear. The half an hour was spent trying on outfits but in the end they were 'too much' 'too slutty' or 'boring'. For hopefully the last time, I walked to my wardrobe and looked through my playsuits. I grabbed a flower one. It didn't seem nice enough. Right to the end of my wardrobe was a lace teal playsuit. Just what I'm looking for. Something light but very cute and eye catching. It matched with my nails so I didn't have to re-paint them. I Layed the outfit on my bed. I had already washed and brushed my teeth so I jut needed to do my hair. I walked to my dresser and thought about how to do it. I decided on taking a shower and leaving it natural. The only thing missing was jewellery but that wasnt hard as I had many teal bracelets and of course I chose y favourite silver necklace. 

'Are you ready to go yet?' Mum called. 

'Yes.' I said, applying my mascara.' I ran out of my bedroom and downstairs, my parents waiting in the porch. 

'Where are your shoes?' Dad asked, stressed.' 

'Behind you.' I said. 'Its not like we live ages away from them, we're next door dad.' I said laughing. He laughed a bit too. I grabbed my Nike Air Force and put them on. We walked out of our door locking it and the Brooks' were already In their garden. Luke was wearing skinny jeans and a Hollister t-shirt,I couldn't help but stare and bite my lip. He looked beautiful. His hair was spiked and I could smell his cologne a garden away. 

'Lets go!' Gina said. I zapped out of my moment and we all headed in dads car, because there was enough seats for everyone. Ofcourse dad and mum in the front. Beau, Jai and Gina in the middle. Which left me and Luke in the back. 

'You look beautiful.' He said smiling. I blushed a very bright shade of red causing him too laugh. 

'Not too bad yourself luke.' I giggled. 

'Shall we finish off our 20 questions?' I asked this time. 

'Sure.' He said with the widest smile I have ever seen on a boy. 

'You first.' I told him. He nodded. 

'Celebrity crush?' He asked. It was so easy! Luke obviously. But I couldn't say that. And now I couldn't say beau. I had to lie to him, again. 

'One direction?' I basically asked him. 

'I don't know? Is it?' He said chuckling.

'Y-yeah.' I said nodding. 'Your crush? None celebrity?' I said, beginning to get more confident. I hoped he would say me, but.. Lets not go there. 

'Easy. Megan Clarke. B-eau-tifuck.' He said. My heart sank. And my smile faded. How dare I pretend to myself that Luke brooks like me. I sighed and placed my head on my hand staring out the window. 

'Are you okay?' Luke asked. 

'Im fine.' I said sourly. Why was I being so horrible? It's up to him who he likes. 

'Youre not. I know what it's like to be fine Scar.' He whispered. My eyes lit up. 

'Leave me alone.' I said. His face looked so sad but he nodded an sat back in his seat. The rest of the journey was silent and that was all because I couldn't handle him liking another girl. 

Luke's POV-

'Easy. Megan Clarke. B-eau-tifuck.' I lied. It was Scarlett. I know I had only known her for a few days but she was the most amazing girl I had known. I couldn't tell her that, so I made the name up. Her smile quickly faded, maybe she got a bit home sick? Maybe one of her friends in England was called Megan Clarke. I immediately felt guilty and my stomach churned.  She just ignored me staring out the window. I hated the thought of her being upset, I just wanted to hold her, tell her everything was to be okay. But that would be strange. And I would ruin everything. 

'Are you okay?' I asked, very worried. 

'Im fine.' She spat at me. She was being very moody but I didn't blame her. 

'No you're not. I know what it's like to be fine Scar.' I whispered, trying to let her know she wasn't alone. 

'Leave me alone.' She said. I new I had upset her, and I didn't want to upset her even more. So no matter how sad she made me feel, I did leave her alone. I sat back and I left her. Alone. 

Scarlett's POV

We were in the woods and had been here for a few hours. I felt ever so bad for being horrible towards Luke, we hadn't even spoke the whole time being here. Everyone had a small picnic but I didn't really feel like eating. I took a few bites out of my sandwich and drank my drink. 

'Wheres your appetite gone sweetheart?' Gina asked me. 

'Travel sick. I still don't feel well.' I said hoping she would believe me. She nodded and went back to eating her sandwich. Luke looked at me concerned but I ignored him. 

'I left my phone in the car.' I said grabbing the keys and making my way to the car. 

'Me too.' Luke said following after me. 
Why did he do this? Just make things awkward for the sake of it. I walked up the long path and unlocked the car. Luke caught up with me. 

'Scarlett if I did anything to upset you I'm sorry.' He said to me, looking into my eyes. 

'Me too.' I said. 
I grabbed my phone and looked for his. 

'Where's your phone?' I asked him. He pulled it out of his pocket and smiled. I laughed. 

'Best friends?' He said, passing me his pinky. Wow best friend zone. My heart sank and I felt the same mood coming on again. My heart cracked along with all my bones and my feelings. I had never felt this much pain before. 

'Im bestfriends with beau. We can be close.' I said. Was I trying to annoy him? Why the fuck was I so stupid. To my surprise, he didn't become angry. He looked into my eyes and hugged me. I hugged back. We separated after a while and began walking back.

'Sure.' He smiled. But I couldn't tell if he was angry. 

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