Vas happenin?! Im ALEX and I will be writing imagines. I have fake ones write now but if you want one here is what u have to do.

1: name

2: guy you want

3: what u want the story's mood to be (cute, funny, etc)

4: hair color

5: eye color

6: extra things u want me to put in the imagine


Love, Alex C.


5. Niall imagine

Here is another niall imagine. I thought it was so cute when I thought about it so Im putting it on here. Hope you like. I was with my freind Niall at his house and we were Eating obviously. "Kiss me." Niall blurts looking at me. "What?" I said. "What? I didn't say anything." Niall said looking serious. "Yes you did." I said. "No I didn't. "Niall fought back. "Yes you did." I said. "Well what did I say?" Niall said crossing his arms. "You said kiss me." I said "I said what?" Niall said "You said kiss me." I said again. "What?" Niall said once again. "KISS ME!!" I yelled at him. Then Niall kisses me and I kiss back. His tongue begging for entrance and let him in. I felt butterflies while are tongues explored Eachothers mouth. Niall broke the kiss and we were smiling at eachother. "You did that on purpose didn't you." I said and hit his shoulder. After I said that the other guys walked in and started yelling "So Niall u did the kiss me trick I tought you?" Harry asked. Niall looked at me and I didn't care if they were watching I smashed my lips against his. We broke apart and Louis stood behind Niall. "Ask her out mate." Lou said to Niall. Niall did what he was told. He took my hand in his. "Alex will you be my girlfreind?" Niall asked. Zayn stood behind me. "Say yes lexi!" Zayn said. I did as I was told and kissed Niall on the cheek. "Yeah. That sounds cool!" I said Just then I knew my eyes had changed color like they always do. "That was the perfect time for your eyes to change blue" Liam said. I just smiled and nodded Awwwww that sounds so much better where I can actually see the words.
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