Ever After

-3rd book to Heart breaker. read heart breaker and without you if you haven't already :) -
The two new couples: Hailey & Louis and Becca & Niall are happily together. They have all moved back to London. Hailey has moved in with Louis and Becca has moved in with Niall. Jake and Josh both have gotten over Hailey and Becca. It seems like a happily ever after but is it really? What happens when feelings and jealousy creeps in? True love will be tested and hearts will be broken. Find out more in:
Ever After


4. The Name

The Name


Well, this is awkward. Louis looked up from the magazine.

"They really do come up with crazy stuff right?" I laughed awkwardly and hesitantly. I'm not one to deal with awkward situations like this. No one was saying anything so I thought I might get the ball rolling.

Someone say something, someone say something, someone say something.

"Yeah, yeah. We can just clear it up at our next interview. They'll understand hopefully..." Louis said.

"Hailey, I've got something I want to show you." Louis said grabbing my hand and pulling me upstairs. We went into our bedroom. I sat on the bed while he closed the door. "So what was it?" I asked.

"I just said that to get you out of there. You know, awkward situation." Louis said smiling.

"Thanks"  Louis came and sat down next to me.

"You know, if you really want to see something then-" He said. Knowing his perverty self, he was going to say something dirty.

"I'm not complaining" I said smirking. He leaned in and kissed me. It was a really passionate one. It getting really intense, I couldn't help but let out a moan. I felt Louis smile through the kiss. His tongue brushed along my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I let him in without hesitation. Our tongues fought each other for dominance. Louis won, of course.

By now, Louis' shirt was off and he was almost lying on top of me. He was propped up by his arms. Just then, I heard the door open.


I know I should feel guilty and bad for Louis but I just can't feel it in me. And I know why. I'm crushing on Louis' girlfriend. I love my best friend's girlfriend. I know it's really wrong but you can't just force someone to un-love someone.

I tried to look guilty when Hailey was reading the article about us. I think I pulled it off but then again, I'm not a born actor. The look on Hailey's face when she read it, was just........confused, I guess.

I know, this is just a rumour but for once, I wish it could be true. Louis came in when Hailey finished reading it. He was about to surprise her when he noticed the section of 'Zailey' (as the fans call it). It got really awkward after that.

Hailey was the first one to speak. It was clear she tried to break the silence.

"They come up with some crazy stuff, right?" She said awkwardly.

I was about to say something when Louis interrupted.

"Yeah, yeah. We can just clear it up at our next interview. They'll understand hopefully..." He then told Hailey that he wanted to show her something upstairs. He then grabbed her hand and pulled her upstairs to their bedroom, I think. I sighed. I really wish that was me. Oh well, a wish stay a wish.

The guys started talking now about some random stuff. I'm not really listening to them.

"So what do you think, Zayn?"

"Huh?" I don't even know who asked the question.... -_-

Liam looked at me weirdly. "I said..... what do you think of the name for Hailey and Becca's band?"

Oh God! This is getting embarrassing. 'What was the name?" I asked quietly.

"Little Mix. Harry thought of it." Liam continued.

"Oh yeah, cool" I said absentmindedly.

"I'll go and get Becca and Hailey to tell them." Harry said getting up.

"No! Um.. it's fine. I'll get them." I said running up the stairs.

I went into Becca's and Niall's room first.

I barged in. I'm not one to knock on doors. It's too formal for my taste.

Becca and Niall were cuddled up watching some Disney movie.

"Hey guys, we've thought of a name for the band. Come down and tell us what you think of it." I said.

I went out of their bedroom and stood outside Hailey's and Louis'. Again, I barged in.

Big mistake

Louis was on top of Hailey, shirtless. His hands were wandering up Hailey's top. They were making out. I closed my eyes and breathed in and out. It's just a girl, my brain said. But that girl is Hailey, my heart was screamed. I need to keep calm. I don't want to lose it in front of the girl I love and my best friend and band mate.

I cleared my throat to get their attention. Hailey's eyes opened quickly. Louis, knew that I was here but still carried on. It was only until Hailey pushed him off of her that he stopped.

"What do you want Zayn?!" Louis snapped at me. He's obviously pissed off that I interrupted their make out session.

"Louis, calm down!" Hailey said.

"I-um- cam to -um- tell you guys that we've thought of a -um- band name and-" I hesitated like anything.

Luckily Hailey interrupted. "Really! That's great! Come on, Lou!" She said grabbing hold of his hands and running down the stairs.

I just stood frozen in my spot just thinking of what the hell just happened and what I saw.

"Zayn? What are you still doing here? Come on!" Hailey said grabbing my a\hand and pulling me down the stairs with her. Her touch.........I swear sparks flew everywhere. I stared at her, with wide eyes. How...........?

"You okay?" She asked. Before she gave me a chance to reply she said.

"if it's about the whole Zailey thing, don't worry. We'll fix this." She said. The way she said 'we' made my heart skip a beat.

"Yeah, we will. Crazy what the fans assume just by seeing one picture" I said laughing.

"Tell me about it!" she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

We went into the kitchen and sat down with the rest of the boys and Becca.


Couldn't think of a band name so we just stuck with little mix. I know....... creative right?




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