Ever After

-3rd book to Heart breaker. read heart breaker and without you if you haven't already :) -
The two new couples: Hailey & Louis and Becca & Niall are happily together. They have all moved back to London. Hailey has moved in with Louis and Becca has moved in with Niall. Jake and Josh both have gotten over Hailey and Becca. It seems like a happily ever after but is it really? What happens when feelings and jealousy creeps in? True love will be tested and hearts will be broken. Find out more in:
Ever After


5. Awkward staring

Awkward Staring



"Shall we get going?" I said to Niall. If there's one thing you should know about me. It's that I'm really impatient.  I tugged at Niall's arm but he just held me harder. 

"I don't want to. Stay with me and watch the movie. It's the part where Nemo gets caught" He said pulling me closer. Oh no! Not that bit! I hate that part so much. It's so sad! He tucked his face into my neck and kissed it. Don't give in, Becca...........

"Niall it's important! Please we can go downstairs now and see the movie later?" I said. With a huge sigh, he let me go and got up from the bed. He then picked me up bridal style and walked downstairs. Where Louis was standing without a shirt on and Hailey's buttons on her shirt where all buttoned up wrong. HAHAHA....... they so made love! It's like an open book!

"Hi you two got busted?" I said. Hailey looked embarrassed and blushed a deep crimson red.

"Oh shutup! Only I can make my girl blush!" Louis said, emphazing 'I'. Awwww! , my little girly voice screamed inside.

"What's the band name?" I said

"Well how about Little Mix?" Liam said and looked at me. 

"What do you think Hailey?" I said. She had a really big smile as did I.

"I love it!" She said and I saw the other boys smile really big. Niall stood beside me so I took the opportunity to kiss him he kissed back......He is the best kisser just saying ;)

"Jeez get a room!" Harry said I pulled away and laughed so did Niall.

"So how do you want to start your career r? X-factor? Our help? Talk to our manger?" Liam said.

"I think we should join the X Factor first. Otherwise, we will be just be a couple of random girls to the public. We need to win their hearts!" Hailey said. 

Everyone looked at her in shock. Hailey just said something deep..... totally unlike her. 

"Hahaha! Hey guys, stop staring at my girl. My eyes only!" Louis said getting all protective.

"Louis, I'm a girl! She's my best friend!" I protested.

"Still.....you can never be too sure." Louis said smirking. I knew he was just joking.

I looked away, for Louis' sake when I noticed something strange. Zayn was still staring at Hailey. In fact, he was ever since...... well he came down with her I guess. He was trying to do it discreetly but not enough. No one else seemed to notice it. Hailey noticed and started to get all uncomfortable. As her best friend, I know these stuff. She holds the elbow on her arm with her other hand and bites her lip while she looks down at the floor. 


Zayn was making me really uncomfortable. He's been staring at me for a long time. 

"Baby, what's wrong?" Louis asked noticing my uncomfortableness. 

"Uh-uh- N-N-Nothi-ng" I stuttered.

"You're stuttering" Louis said smiling. He knows I've been caught. That's the problem. He( and Becca) read me like an open book. Where the font is really big and bold. You can't miss it.

"I'll tell you later." I mumbled. I felt Zayn's eyes come off of me. What just happened?

"Hey Hailey, I was wondering if you'd like to go on a date with me tonight? 7pm? I've never asked you out officially." Louis said, hesitant for a second.

I kissed him back to let him know. I still felt the fireworks and sparks bursting all around. "Yeah, sure. Hey do you and Becca wanna join us for a double date?" I asked Niall. 

"Ya, that's great." Niall said.

"Yeah, sure. We can go!" Becca said.

"Hailey can I talk to you for a sec?" Liam said to me.


We're sooooo sorry for this so short chapter that I doubt it would even count as one :( It's kinda a filler. I've been busy updating Falling. Check it out. It's boring at first but believe me it gets better. 

Julia's been busy.......being awesome I guess XD haha!

Julia and I are practically long lost twins. We're so similar, it's creepy! :D

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