The Gifted

Ally, Justin, and Emma aren't normal teens. They are different. They have to move schools every year because they either blew it up or kids have seen them in action. They are the people who run. They are the people that you should be scared of. They are they are the people you never see twice. They are the Gifted.


3. The fight


Ally's POV

I run out of the school and released that I have know idea where they are. I call Justin again and he finally answered.

Me: Where are you?

Justin: In the forest behind the school.

Me : Okay I'll be there in a bit.

Justin: Hurry!

Me: Okay Bye

I started to run as fast as i can which is over 200 mph or faster. All I could think is I hope no one saw me. Then I remembered that I have nothing to fight with. I ran home which is just a fort I made. ( remember they are extremely good at art.) Its pretty big if you ask me. I look around I couldn't find it.( BTW all of us our own cases that belong to us and hold our belongings. Also it can shrink so if hey are on the run they just have to grab them.) I opened my case and I still couldn't find my bow and arrows. I looked around and found a sword. I'm not the best at using it but it's the only thing that i have right now. I ran back to the forest. And I see them and run towards them. I see Emma on the ground. I love her and all but i have to focus on the fight right now not her. ( NOTE: the thing we are fighting is just a Demon from the District. Here is a quick list of strongest and scariest monsters to the least strongest and scariest.

1. Demond

2. Dragonds

3. Snappers

4. Slizzerd- part snake part lizard

5. Giants

6)And the rarest is a Morf they can change into any monster)

Justin: I see you finally got here

Me: Haha very funny. Do know where my bow and arrow is.

Justin: No

Me: I ran home and couldn't find it!

Right then the Demon charged towards me and slashed me in the arm with its tail.

( NOTE: Demons are green and very big and have razor sharp teeth and sharp spikes on it's tail.)

I got dizzy for a second then hit him right in the neck and chopped his head of. I looked around  and couldn't see that well then remembered EMMA! I rushed towards her and looked if she was badly hurt. She was just bleeding from her shoulder. (Remember we all have 13 lives. We all have 12.) 

Right then the Demon crashed to the ground and pushed a lot trees down and lots of kids saw us. I grabbed Emma and ran as fast as i could to our house.

Justin: What do we do?

Me: I don't know Emma's the smart one but of you haven't noticed shes not barely breathing!

Justin: She's just dead  she'll wake up in a couple days.

Me: Did you see those kids faces we have to move.

Justin: How about we talk about when she wakes up.

Me: Okay i guess.

I just had this feeling that something is going to change and its not going to be good.





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