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Liam and Brooklynn were dating on and off for the last two years until Liam officially called it quits. It was extremely hard on Brooklynn, but finally she decided that she needed to move on, even though she still had strong feelings for Liam. So, she finally agrees to go on one date. Will she be able to try and accept someone else, or fall for Liam again?


10. That night>>>>>

"Nails, spa day, you know", Perrie said as I got in the car, slamming the door behind me.
"Okay let's gooooo!", I exclaimed and we were off. 
When we arrived at the salon, the first thing we got was a full body massage which I have never had before. Then, we got our nails and toes painted, and went into town to do I mean, damn! 
After a few hours, when we stopped for lunch I got a text from Liam.
"Hello?", it read.
"Hi bby", I responded.
"Do u girls wana meet us some place for dinner later?"
I read this text out loud, and instantly Perrie said "YES".
"Yah we'd love to(:" I texted back as the food arrived.
"We can look hot for them, In our dresses!", Demi said.
"Exactly what I was thinking!!!", Perrie said and the high fived eachother.  

"So if we're gonna do all that..don't you think we should leave here after lunch then? You know how long it takes to do this hair", I busted out and they all laughed.
"Yah that's a good point..", Eleanor said high-fiving me.
"Is this like...our thing now?", I asked and they giggled.
"Oh totes!", Perrie said. 
We finsihed up eating, and then went back to the "holiday house" to get ready for tonight.
"were at the house gettin ready for tonite(;" I texted Liam.

"mmm can't wait wear that black dress(; :* " he texted back.
"maybe I will(;" I responded.
"well u look beautiful in everything bby<3", Liam texted.
"thx love youu :* <3<3<3"
"love u 2"
"BROOKLYNNNNN!", Perrie yelled.
"PERRIEEEEE!", I yelled back. 
"Get your tiny ass over here!", she replied.
"comming!", I said heading up the stairs.
"We need you, since your hair is the longest and takes the longest", Demi explained as I made my way into one of the bathrooms attached to Demi and Niall's room where everyone was gathered.
"Curl it like Liam likes it", I responded and Demi put my hair into different layers as the curling iron turned on.
"I was planing on it", she said taking a strand of my hair while Perrie started to straighten Eleanor's beautiful brown hair.

"I'm gonna wear the black dress with my black lacy strapless push up and my matching black lacy underwear because I figure we're gonna take it to our room tonight if you know what I mean, he's in that kinda mood", I said and Eleanor, thinking this was funny started laughing.
"sounds like you got it all planned out, little momma", she told me.
"I think I do", I said and soon Demi was done with my hair.
"Damn that was fast, so now what do you want done with your hair?", I asked.
"oh I try, and curl it, then put it into a bun!", she said.
"tight curls or loose ones?", I asked.
"Loose!", she responded and I got started.

Once I was finshed with Demi's hair, she did both of ours makeup, and helped me into my dress.
"You look smoking hot!", she told me, spinning me around. I got to admit, I did.  I went to see the other girls who all looked really hot as well, when Perrie handed me a pair of black heels.
"we're the same size, so here! They'll go great with your dress", She told me and I took them.
"Thanks soo much babe!", I said taking them and giving her a hug.

When we were all finished, we took some pictures and headed out the door. 
"I'll drive." Eleanor exclaimed.
"No need to I ordered a limo", Demi said and right on que,  the limo pulled in.
"Yayyyy!", I yelled getting in. 
Once we were all in, I saw I had a missed call and two text messages from Liam. 

"Babe...?", one of them read. The other one said "R u guys gonna meet us soon? We're there now".  I responded texting "just left (: c u soon we looking hot(;". 
He responded saying "bet u all do, we look pretty fresh too(;" I didn't reply.
"Hey Brooklynn, want some?", Perrie said referring to the bottle of champagne in her hand.
"Hell ya!", I said and she poured some for me, taking a sip then handing it to me.
"Uuugh that's gross how do you all drink that?", she exclaimed.
"Because it tastes good....", I snapped. 
Perrie laughed. 

Before I knew it, we had arrived at the restaurant, and made a dramatic entrance. Seeing the boys were all facing the other way sitting at the bar, we decided to sneak up behind them. I kissed Liam's neck, and he knew it was me. He turned around and the only thing that came out of his mouth was "holy fuck". 

"You!", he finally got out.
"Thanks, you look pretty hot too", I said and he kissed me. I looked into his eyes, and saw the soft, innocent Liam like usual with a touch of lust and desire.
"Hey love birds, lets go get a table", Harry said tapping me on the shoulder. 
Liam and I walked arm in arm over to a table with everyone else and sat down, Liam right next to me. 
"Can I start you off with something to drink?", the waitress asked and you could tell Harry thought she was hot.
"Um I'll take a piña colada", I said
"Make that two!", Eleanor said.
"Make that three!", Perrie said.
"Make that four!", Demi said and I laughed.
"Okay, with alcohol?", the waitress asked.
"Of corse!", Eleanor said.
"What about for you guys?", the waitress asked.
"I'll take a vodka and red bull", Harry said winking at the waitress.
"Okay", she said winking right back.
The rest of them ordered, and the waitress walked away.
"I think I want her", Harry announced.
"But you're not even drunk yet!", Niall joked.
We joked for a little bit longer and got some more drinks.
"I can't get over how hot you look tonight!", he said playing with my hair, and occasionally sneaking kisses more and more frequently, then the food arrived.
"I think we should go to a club once were done eating, what do y'all think?", Demi announced. 
"Yesssssssssssss!", Liam cheered looking down my dress.
"Liam wait till tonight", I whispered as he lifted his hand up and down my thigh.
"I can't help myself", he whispered lifting up the bottom of my dress and started fingering me.
"We're in public", I moaned.
"Yah, so?", he said. He removed his fingers, wiping them on my inner thigh and continuing to eat like nothing had just happened.
I'm pretty sure everyone knew by the expressions on their faces and on my own I assumed.

We paid, and then all pilled into a limo. I sat on Liam's laugh and he held me tight.
Maybe going to a club when I was tipsy and Liam was drunk wasn't the best idea, but I really don't care. 
"Who's ready to get wasted?", Louis  sang.
"Meeeeeeeee!", I said and he winked at me.
"Good girl, Liam have fun with that", he said.
"He already was...", I said and Louis laughed.
"Yah I could tell.....", he replied and everyone gave us awkward looks but that all stopped as we pulled into a club.
As we headed in, you could see it was totally crowded and all you heard was the booming from the loud music and drunk people dancing and doing shots.
"SHOTSSSSS!", Harry yelled and I laughed.
"Oh you wanna do shots don't you?", Liam asked me.
"Yes I do", I told him and he chuckled. 
"Me and my lady'll do some shots", Liam told the bartender and she came back with a few for us. 
After about four, I was feeling dizzy so I took one more then was done. Liam did the same thing, but was already drunk where I had just became drunk. 
"Guys lets dance!", I announced and we all ran onto the dance floor. 
I pulled Liam on me as I started to dance to some song I've never heard before but it had a nice beat to it. 
"Grind on me", he said in my ear.
"Gladly", I said as he grabbed my hips.
I saw Demi watching me.
"Demi, grind up on me", I heard Niall say and she did, smiling at me as she did. All of the sudden "Wobble" came on, and I freed myself from Liam, and said "watch this babe". 
Demi walked over to me and said "remember when we learned this?".
"How could I forget?", I told her and she smiled big.
"Good, well lets show our boys okay?", she said.
"Alright, leggo", I said. We got this.
I kicked my heels off, and started to dance with Demi by my side and Liam and Niall watching with their mouths open. After we were done, I gave Demi a hug and grabbed Liam's hands in mine.
"That was sexy", he said kissing my neck.
"Mmmhmm", I mumbled and he kept doing it until he was sucking on it, I knew he was giving me a hickey. 
He aggressively kissed my lips, pushing us further and further away from the crowd.


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