A perfect moment (a Harry and Niall fan fiction)

One normal family, two normal teenager, one cafe, one song, one miracle. If you want to now what would happen please read the book! P.S. no hate please it's my first movella!!


4. the date

I looked at the text didnt know what to answer.

(N=Naomy H=Harry)

N: is this like a date

H:it sure is love

N:and what are we gonna do?

H:its a suprise ill pick you up at 11am

N:ok see you tommorow then

H:good bye love xx

N: bye xx

I couldnt believe what just happened. I was going on a date with Harry Styles! I couldnt wait till tommorow but i was also nervous i didnt know what to wear our what to bring. I was starting to get a little tired so i said my good night to everybody and went to bed.

The next day.

I woke up a 6 o'clock starting to feel the anxiety kick in so i deciede to go down stairs making me a bowl of toasted cruch cereal these are my favorited and watch the news. After that i just jump in my shower and start Washing myself with my passion fruit soap. When i step out of the shower it was almost 8 and i heard my phone buzzed

H:good morning love xx i forget to ask you yesterday what is your adress?

I look at the text with wide eyes, i dont even know it myself! I ran downstairs and out of the door i look at the number beside the door and i saw 146 and watch around but i didnt see the name of the road. I start to walk down the road until a saw a stop signs and a lift my head and i read cardigo road. I run back to the house and text him back.

N:the adresse is 146 cardigo road

H:thanks love ill see you in an hours xx

In an hours?!? I look at the clock on the wall and saw 10 o'clock. Thats bad i need to get ready im steal on sweat pants and a t-shirt. I went to my wardrobe and took out my black jeans with a white tank top and a minth coat. I put on eyeliner, mascara and nude lipstick! A deciede to curl my hair and put it in a ponytail and i put on my black boot and went downstairs i look at the clock 10:55 so i looked outside and saw his car in the front of the house so i quickly grab my purse and phone and he knocked on the door so i openned it. " Wow you look amazing" "thank you! You dont look bad yourself" he shuckeld and i said bye to the guys and we left.

The car drive was really fun, we sang along the song on the radio and we were laughing alot. "So were are we going?" "You'll see when we get there" i was impatient but after 30minute of driving we arrived to that arena. We went inside and it was beautiful they tried to recreate Christmas in New York so on the wall you could see the Town at night and they had some snow and the big Christmas tree. "Wow, this place is amazing" i said looking at him just to see he was already starring at me "i know but i think you look better" my cheek turned a light pink and i just smiled at him and he smiled back. We went to get our skates and we went on the ice. A few couple were there and me and Harry were holding eatch to get our balance and i tried to do a spin but lost the balance and i was about to fall but Harry catch me and pull me really close to him. We were inched away looking into eatch others eyes his hands were on my waist and mine on his torso it was magical butterfly was in my stomach and my heart start to beat fast. He start to....

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