Changing Fate

Kate Howard was just a young woman trying to get through life. Who knew that she was going to be kidnapped by people from the future and forced to raise a baby? Will she be able to ever find a way to escape along with the baby? And what will she do if she does? (Hi guys, because I just released a LOTR fan fiction, I thought that I would do a Doctor Who one because I'm even MORE obsessed with it than LOTR. Please read, like, fav and leave feedback, I would really appreciate it. )


5. What Could Have Been

The Doctor left her alone for a few minutes in order to get Jack. Alone in her thoughts, Kate thought about what she just learned. She could not help but feel sorry for Amy. To have your child taken away like that…she could not even imagine it. “I don’t think I would have survived that,” she thought. Hearing a noise, she turned to see the Doctor and Jack walk in, little Melody sleeping soundly in Jack’s arms. She took the baby from his arms and cradled her. “Looks like you are going to have an interesting life,” she told the baby.

“Oh, most definitely,” replied the Doctor. “But, we have to figure what to do with Melody.”

“What do you mean?”

“We need to figure out where to hide her. Find a place where Kovarian won’t be able to find her,” he replied.

“Why not keep her here?”

“It’s not time for her to be here yet. Nor can she stay with any of us,” he answered, looking at Kate with sadness in his eyes.

Kate stared into those eyes and then looked at the baby sleeping in her arms. She knew what the Time Lord was implying, but she did not understand. “Why not?” she asked. “Why not take her back to her parents?”

“Because Kovarian will look there first and take her again,” answered Jack as he moved to stand next to the nearly crying woman. “I don’t think her parents could bear losing her again.”

She looked up into his eyes, tears about to stream from her own. “And she can’t stay with us?”

“It would be safer for her not to be. That bloody woman is going to be tracking us. If we separate, she would have to track multiple leads,” answered the Doctor.

Kate sighed. She knew that this was the right course. Looking at Melody, she said, “I never felt so close to anyone before in my life. How can I give this up?”

Jack pulled her and Melody into a hug and replied, “By being strong for her. Just know that she is going to be safe and grow up to be a good person. You gave that chance to her.”

“He’s right,” she thought, “I did give her that chance.” Pulling herself out of his embrace, she turned to the Doctor and asked, “So, what’s the plan.”

He smiled kindly at her and replied, “Jack is going to take Melody with him and raise her as his own. You, however, are going to be coming with me.”

“Are you taking me home?”

“Definitely not. Kovarian wants both of you. You’re the only one she has ever encountered that could calm an unwilling child with a single touch. No, you both need to be separated. That way she would have to spread her resources.”

“She would have to run herself thin,” said Kate. She paused and looked at the Time Lord. He looked so young; but when she looked into his eyes, she saw the years of wisdom. He was a man who knew what she was doing. “I’ll be traveling with you?”

“Yep! I’ve been without company since I left Amy and Rory. I felt that traveling would be a bit hard on them at the moment,” he answered.

“A wise idea,” said Kate. “Sounds like it could be a bit interesting,” she thought as she looked at Jack. “Is it dangerous?” she asked her rescuer.

“Traveling with the Doctor is always dangerous,” he answered. “But the things that you do will make it all worthwhile in the end.”

Thinking for a moment, she turned back to the Doctor and said, “Alright. I’m in.”

The Doctor gave her a wide smile. “Then it’s decided,” he said as he clapped his hands happily. “Jack, I’m going to drop you off on Earth in the 23rd Century. You and River can go from there.”

“River?” asked Jack.

“Melody is destined to become River Song. And it’s best to raise her under another name.”

“Right,” said Jack as he took Melody from Kate.

As the Doctor messed with the console, the woman looked at the sleeping baby and kissed her little forehead. “You be good for Jack, sweetie,” she said. “I’m going to miss you so much.” It was at this point that tears began to run down her cheeks.

Jack again pulled her to him with his free arm. “You’ll see each other again. Time travel, remember?” he said as Kate lifted her head to look at him.

“What about you?” she asked. “Will we meet again?”

He smiled. Kissing her forehead, he replied, “We certainly will. Though just a tad bit out of order.”

“Why do I believe that?” questioned Kate as she felt the TARDIS stop.

The Doctor came up to them and said, “It’s time.”

Jack nodded at kissed Kate’s forehead again. She then gave Melody one last kiss on her cheek before letting go of Jack and stepping towards the Doctor. “I’ll take good care of her,” he promised.

“I’m sure you will,” she said. They stared at each other before Jack turned and walked towards the doors. He opened it and walked out.

When the door closed, she began to cry. Emotions long left buried began to resurface as she began to cry. The Time Lord pulled her into a hug. “It’s going to be alright,” he said as he held her. Kate did not answer. She just continued to cry into his chest, her tears staining his shirt. After a while, she let go and rubbed her eyes. “Why don’t you go relax for a while?” he suggested. “When you feel better, I’ll take you somewhere nice.” Looking at him, she nodded and walked back towards her room. The crib and changing table were already gone; and this solidified the fact that her little girl was gone. She lay on her bed, lying on her stomach as her face pushed hard against the pillow. As new tears emerged, all she could think about was what could have been.

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