Nessie's Life

Renesmee Cullen tells the story of her life after the infamous confrontation with the Volturi. Everything seems perfectly fine until a member of the Cullen coven goes missing…


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

"Deep breaths, Ness," I told myself.

It was stupid to be nervous, I mean I was a half-vampire accompanied by two full vampires! But after all, everyone gets nervous on the first day of school.

We walked through the doors. Immediately I noticed everyone staring at us. That would be hard to get used to.

I looked at my parents. Ugh. They were doing that creepy thing where they hold hands and stare at each other. I started to touch my dad's cheek, but then remembered that I wasn't supposed to communicate that way around humans.

"Guys." No reply. "Guuuyyysss." Still nothing. So I just grabbed dad's hand and pulled them forward. Eventually they snapped out of it.

Mom asked, "Do you need help finding your home room?"

"I'm sure I can manage, mo- I mean, Bella." So overprotective. And that look she gave me when I almost called her mom was annoying. Of coarse, it would be strange for the humans to see someone calling a girl who appeared to be the same age "mom."

Dad smiled and said "Have fun, Nessie," and then he took mom's hand again and they went towards their home room. We had carefully made sure that they had every class together and I had none with them.

I went to my classroom, sat in the back corner and answered role to the name Vanessa Swan. Vanessa was my "human" name because Renesmee was too weird and my mom thought Nessie would be a suitable nickname for Vanessa. We couldn't go by the last name Cullen because dad had been enrolled here over 20 years ago as Edward Cullen. So we went by mom's maiden name.

We were passing as triplets. Carlisle was working in a hospital just outside Vancouver, and we lived with him and Esme, our "parents."

While the teacher passed out schedules, I thought about Jacob. He was in Forks, taking care of some "thing." It was frustrating to be the only one who didn't know what was going on.

It sure felt like they had been in a hurry to get me out of Forks. Were the Volturi returning? I couldn't imagine anything else that would be a threat to us.

I couldn't help but thinking that this whole high school thing was just an excuse to get me away from whatever was going on at home.

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