As Long As You Love Me

Justin has been on tour for a couple months. Justin is really missing Kaylee. They talk on the phone, text, and Skype everyday. But that isn't enough. kaylee, the good girl, is mixed in with the bad crowd because Justin isn't there to stop her. What will happen to their relationship while Justin is away? *IF YOU HAVENT READ ONE LESS LONELY GIRL THEN YOU WONT UNDERSTAND THIS BOOK!*


1. Intro

Its been about 6 months. All I remember is getting in the car, turning around, and seeing Kaylee on her knees crying. She then got off her knees and screamed. I felt so bad. All I wanted to do was jump out and hold her. but I knew I couldn't. I had to be strong. But for now I can cry. And believe me, I did. Well we talk everyday and Skype a lot. but its no the same.

Since Justin left, the pain has gotten to me. I drink, smoke weed, and party. He doesn't know about it cause he would freak. Its gotten really bad. To the point where the only time I don't drink is in public, which isn't a lot, and when im talking to Justin. Which is a lot, but its only for like 10 mins. If he found out I don't know how he would react. He might cancel tour, get sick like he did last time he left, or maybe feel disgusted by me and leave. I wouldn't blame him though.

Of course I know Kaylee is drinking and smoking. I mean everytime we Skype or facetime, she ethier had red eyes, or cant even sit up cause of how drunk she is. I need to talk to her about it. Right now would be good. I looked down at my phone.

"Kaylee<3 wants to facetime"

I answered.

Justin: Hey Bug-a-Boo. I miss you.

Kaylee: I I I miss you too ba---by.

She was so drunk, nice going kaylee.

Justin: Nice drunk voice honey.

Her eyes popped open. She was back to normal.

Kaylee: Excuse me?

Justin: Oh and your eyes are red too. How much have you had?

Kaylee: Im really sorry Justin.. I just have had so much going on in my life..

Justin: Im not mad, just stop. I don't want this to hurt you.

Kaylee: Pinky promise. So guess what!

Justin: What baby?

I smiled.

Kaylee: My agent called me and they want me to be a model! For like magazines, and commercials.

Justin: That's wonderful baby! Congrats. Im so proud of my beautiful wife.

Kaylee: Thank you babe.

Everything was back to normal. I hope. h

* Hey Lovelies! Sorry it took so long, I wanted it to be perfect! I know its not a lot and its short but sorry. That chapter was just a catch up to what happened since the last book. I hope you enjoyed. now I cant set up a schedule like originally planned, I mean, like I'll try to update every Wensday and Saturday sometimes Sunday. but I honestly cant promise anything. I mean Ill say that's my plan but idk if I can keep with it. I just started school yesterday. So im going to be busy. I hope you understand. I really want to update every Wensday and Saturday and Sometime Sunday, and I'll try, but don't get mad if its like a day late or not there at all, im getting a lot more hw then usual this year. Anyway, hoped you enjoyed. bye Boos :* 


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