Loss At Heart

Harry Styles, the oldest of three kids. Being 16 he looked after the two young ones. The youngest child, Sophia Styles, is only 4 years old. The middle child; wild, curious, and courageous, who bears the name Jenny Styles. She was only 11 years old. Having parents who have an important job can be a hard thing. So secretive that they can’t tell you anything about their job or what they do. The three kids are victims of a tragic event. Some people ask,” Why do bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people?” In a situation like this, the three connected by blood would be the good people who drew the short end of the stick.


6. She Got To Your Head

The curly haired boy always had a meaning to keeping a bad reputation. And he is a man of pride and honor. Someday he will have to let go of the spitting image he gives the people around him. Eventually he will have to fall in love and his rep will no longer matter to him. He will be able to be who he truly is in front of everyone. But the question is, ‘Who will be the one to make him realize it?’ Right now he is a lost boy taking the easy way back to this world. Someone will guide him to who he is and maybe, just maybe, he will fall in love with them.


“Harry, let’s go! We still have to pick up Sophia!” His little sister called out to him from the truck. Still acting like his cool and calm self he made his way to his truck.

“Harry! You dropped your phone earlier!” Now he was just confused.

“Oh, Angelina. It’s you. Okay, thanks. Bye.” He quickly parted from the conversation.

“Wait! Please, let me repay you for earlier this morning.”

“I told you there was no need. I have to go pick up my sister now. Good bye.” Again he was as cold as the rumors. She didn’t mind at all though. Actually she paid no attention to his attitude.

“I know you act differently around your sisters.” She whispered to herself. Harry heard a bit and got angered.

“What was that?” He questioned obviously furious. Angelina hadn’t noticed he heard her talk to herself.

“Hmm? Ah, nothing. Bye!” She smiled and ran off with her soccer uniform on.

“Dammit.” He cursed to himself and took off to pick up the youngest of his sisters.


He lay in his bed for hours thinking about Angelina. The whole time it was ‘Why isn’t she afraid of me?’ He wondered why she could talk to him so normally.

Harry’s POV

Even when she stared into my eyes she could smile no matter how dark a shade they were. It’s like she hasn’t heard any rumors about me. But why is it getting to me so much? I’ve never thought about a girl since that shooting incident last year. But more importantly, how does she know that I act differently around my sisters. Dammit! I just can’t understand it. She should be afraid of me. She shouldn’t be able to look into my eyes without trembling.

“Hazzaaaaaaa…. We’re hungry. Have you cooked dinner yet?” Sophia and Jenny stood at my door.

“Uh, sorry! I’ll make it now. What do you guys want to eat?” I asked, feeling bad that I totally forgot about making preparations for dinner. CRAP! I forgot about my homework too. Oh gosh. Angelina really got to my head.

“PIZZA!” Sophia suggested. I laughed and ordered our pizza.

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