Loss At Heart

Harry Styles, the oldest of three kids. Being 16 he looked after the two young ones. The youngest child, Sophia Styles, is only 4 years old. The middle child; wild, curious, and courageous, who bears the name Jenny Styles. She was only 11 years old. Having parents who have an important job can be a hard thing. So secretive that they can’t tell you anything about their job or what they do. The three kids are victims of a tragic event. Some people ask,” Why do bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people?” In a situation like this, the three connected by blood would be the good people who drew the short end of the stick.


4. Play With A Smile

A/N I think I’m going to write the rest of the story in a narrator’s point of view. Sorry for the sudden change. I’ll put it in a point of view when I really need to show the character’s emotions.

Could it be possible for one person to have two personalities? Of course. For most people it’s unnatural. Bulks of people would have a reason to have two personalities. Harry Styles would be one of them. Although he has a different situation. Ever since he moved with his two sisters, he changed. But he changed in his own eyes. According to what he sees, he changes. When around Jenny and Sophia he has one personality, while anywhere else he is completely different. Someone you would walk on the opposite side of the street when you see them, a guy who a father doesn’t want his daughter to date, the scary teen that parents tell their kids to stay away from, the rumored boy, the stranger with the gorgeous green eyes that turn the darkest shade when they meet eye contact; Harry Styles


“I’ll see you at practice after I pick up Sophia from pre-school.” He told Jenny. The door creaked and slammed as the two got out of the truck. “Jenny, you love basketball don’t you?” Harry stopped her from walking the opposite direction. The question shook her up a bit but she turned around and looked him in the eyes. All of a sudden, she started crying. Quickly, she ran to her big brother and wrapped her arms around him, bawling into his stomach as he towered over her small figure.

“I love it so much, Haz. But the girls told me that I should back down. I took the top positions and speaking captain. They told me that I think I’m all that, when really I’m nothing. They kept telling me I’ll never be as good as them. And the only reason why the coach gave me those positions and speaking captain was because you’re the scariest guy in town. But that’s not true right? Hazza would never be mean or scary right?” She looked up at Harry to find the answer of her question. Yes, it was true. The brother she looked up to was the scariest of them all. But she is never around to see it.

Harry shook his head. “Of course not, beb. But listen, don’t let those Trolls get to you. I don’t think you get what they’re saying. It’s the opposite of what you’re hearing. You are waaaay better than them. Otherwise, coach wouldn’t have given you those positions. They just don’t like that a girl just moved in and took their spots. They’re jealous. Now, go have a good day. Alright?” He roughed her hair up a bit and she laughed then nodded.

Going in different directions, Harry had changed his personality in the split of a second. And again, the two he is protecting wouldn’t know.


Like usual, the school day ended. But today Harry went to pick up Sophia before Jenny’s practice. It doesn’t really mean much. Though right after he went to watch Jenny’s practice again. Every once in a while Sophia would mumble cheering words. Then the coach left the gym to talk to a parent and told the team to take a break. He watched his younger sister closely. Jenny went to grab her water from her bag when three girls walked up to her. She backed away just as they had planned and cornered her. Fear covered the victim’s face as the girl’s smack talked her again, but for once she talked back.

Harry quickly got up as did Sophia did. The two walked over to the sight and Sophia walked up to the girls first, “HEY, LEAVE MY BIG SISTER ALONE!!” She yelled and planted her hands on her hips.

“What do you want shorty?” The tallest said, obviously none of them saw Harry.

That’s when Jenny stepped in, “Oh what is it, girls? You going to pick on my little sister? Huh? Well that’s not going to happen, don’t you dare talk to my sister like that and don’t even think about trying to hurt her.” She stood up to the girls that gave her the chills.

The three were pretty persistent, “What are you gonna do about it? It’s three to one.”

“Eh-em.” Harry finally butted in. “Now now. I don’t think what you are doing is very nice. Don’t you agree Sophia?” He smiled down at her and she nodded with a grimace look. The three were now shaking in terror. Apologizes ran through their mouths as they walked away. “You alright, bud?” The concern on his face showed just how much he cared for the two he had left and this time he wouldn’t let them go.

“Now I am. Thanks, Haz. You’re always saving me.” She gave him a warm smile.

“Hey, I help out too…” Sophia said.

“Thanks, girlie.” Jenny laughed.

The oldest and the youngest headed back to the bleachers and watch the rest of the practice. Today she played with a smile on her face. Now, Jenny is able to enjoy the sport she loves most. 

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