Loss At Heart

Harry Styles, the oldest of three kids. Being 16 he looked after the two young ones. The youngest child, Sophia Styles, is only 4 years old. The middle child; wild, curious, and courageous, who bears the name Jenny Styles. She was only 11 years old. Having parents who have an important job can be a hard thing. So secretive that they can’t tell you anything about their job or what they do. The three kids are victims of a tragic event. Some people ask,” Why do bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people?” In a situation like this, the three connected by blood would be the good people who drew the short end of the stick.


3. Jenny's Small Lie

Every day was a simple day for the three kids; waking up, daycare and school, come back home, use their free time, dinner, and maybe go somewhere fun once in a while. Although, after school Harry would have to meet Jenny in the Elementary Gym for basketball practice every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Jenny was very fond of basketball, it was her favorite thing to do, but for some reason she would go home after practice with a sad face. Normally, when she plays with Harry she has the time of her life. Why is it that when she is with her team, she can’t play for the fun of it?


Harry’s POV


The clock rings like what seems like a tornado siren. One of the worst sounds I could ever hear. The noise that tells me it’s time to go to school yet again. Stretching my arm out I pushed the button to power off the horrid sound that goes off at 7:00 every morning. “Come on, Princesses. It’s time to wake up.” Jenny groaned, Sophia was still sound asleep. “Sooo-phiiiii-aaaaaa. Come on, beb. You have to get up.” She still wouldn’t budge. “Okay, Jenny you hop in the shower, I’ll get your sister ready.” Picking up Sophia, Jenny slowly got off the bed.


“Okaayyyyyy, Haz.” She said. I laughed at her.


Thank God, Sophia is already potty trained. No stinky diapers for me to change anymore. “Come one, Sophia. Wake up, Princess. Don’t you want to go see your friends?” I sighed. Why do I keep forgetting Sophia loves her food? “Sophiaaaa, I made pancakes….. If you don’t get up, your sister and big brother are gonna eat it all.” She groaned and slowly began opening her eyes.


“Can you make me chocolate pancakes in the shape of a unicorn?” I snickered at her question.


“I don’t know where you are learning these irregular animals from.” I chuckled. “Come on, what color do you want to wear today, bud?”


“It’s sunny. Hmmm PINK.” She hopped around. I laughed at her. Searching through her half of her closet I found a cute little pink dress. It was perfect for today. The sun shining perfectly through the windows, hearing the song birds chirping, and the fresh warm breeze waving the curtains to and fro. It was a great day.


“Okay, come here Sophia.” Taking her pajamas off I switched her clothes. “Jenny, are you almost finished?!” The shower head was still running and I could hear the water splattering on the floor. Didn’t sound like she was done. “Hey, how ‘bout I make those Chocolate Unicorn Pancakes you want so badly?” My eyes reverted back to Sophia.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah!!” She jumped ahead of me and stepped down the set of stairs.




The three of us were ready to leave the house after eating our breakfast. Grabbing my keys off the hook we exited the villa. Of course we had to drop off Sophia to day care. She would probably be in pre-school by now but Jenny and I never went so I figured Mum and Dad didn’t plan on putting Sophia in pre-school either. “You didn’t forget your basketball stuff today did you? It’s Wednesday. You have practice today don’t you.” I asked Jenny.


“Yeah, it’s in my backpack.” She just lied to me. She sat on the bench the last three practices. Her coach said she told her she wasn’t feeling to well.


“You haven’t been sick lately have you?” Again, I asked her. She shook her head as a no.


“Well, I think either something’s up or you’re lying to me. I think it’s both. What’s going on kiddo? You’re basketball stuff isn’t in your backpack. You put it in my trunk a week ago. Talk to me, bud.” The stop light turned red and I came to a stop. My head turned to the seat next to me. Jenny tilted her head down to look at her fiddling fingers.


“Nothing, it’s just some of the girls on my team have been bullying me.” I clenched the steering wheel. The stop light turned green.


“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” My voice didn’t raise at her.


“I didn’t want to bother you with it.”


“It’s not a bother to me. It bothers me that you DIDN’T tell me. Never go through things like this by yourself. Understand? The things people say and do can be cruel. It's not something someone can easily just pass by.” I lectured her as she nodded her head.

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