How My Parents Met

Hey guys its me Darcy and I'm going to be telling you guys about how my mother Sadie met my father Harry yes Harry Styles he use to be in the boy band one direction but that was a while back but I'm going to tell you guys about there lives, from when my mother was a college student to dating a member of the biggest boy band and how my father fell in love with her So are you guys looking forward to this experience....


1. Sadie and Courtney

Saturday March,31,2012 Kids Choice Awards

"omg i can't believe we got tickets to the Kids Choice Awards but i kinda do feel bad because we are really just there to see OneDirection" Sadie said "I know! i'm really excited i don't feel bad at all because we actually get to see them and other stars are going to be there also like Taylor Lautner Katy Perry Selena Gomez and i think Ashley Tisdale" Courtney said "oh yeah true" Sadie said

Sadie and Courtney are bestfriends they are in love with one direction but they could never get tickets to see them but they finally get to see them perform live at the Kids Choice Awards yes its only one song but one direction aren't the only ones that are going to be there.

"so what are we going to wear to the awards?" Courntey asked "well i'm actually gonna wear a black high-low dress with these blue heels with my blue clutch"Sadie said "that sounds gorg!!" Courtney said "i think i'm probably going to wear this pink dress that stops above my knees with these white heels and i'm going to put my hair in a pony tail with a white bow"Courtney said "i'm going to keep my hair out and curly" Sadie said

Courtney has long blonde hair with pink tips and Sadie has brown hair with blonde tips Courtney  just turned 17 in March and Sadie is turning 17 in June they are both Juniors in high school at Edgewood High School they met in the 4th grade and they've been friends every since they would have sleepovers every week unless one of them were busy and they still do that today they are both going to the same college like they planned in 6th grade and then they are planning on traveling to London for Senior week.

"i can't wait for tomorrow its going to be so much fun" Courtney said "i know me either its going to be amaZayn" Sadie said. they both laughed and then they fell asleep while watching Bad Teacher

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