Till the End

In the beginning we were opposites. Relying on each other for survival. We soon found out that we would need, have, and love each other Till the End.


2. Vampires

I watched as the vampire loomed over the boy. He raised his hand to strike the boy but the clicking of heels on the cobblestone pathway stopped him. I turned to see a man in a black suit standing next to a woman with a blood red dress on. She was beautiful and he was very handsome. 

"Oh no Elijah do not stop on our account. Finish what you started son and hit him." The man said. Elijah froze for another few moments allowing the boy to stand again. Seconds later Elijah swung to hit him, but the boy blocked it. The woman let out a laugh. She made her way to me. I backed away. The only sound that could be heard in the alley was the grunts of the fighting species and the click of her heels. 

"Do not fear me girl. Let me help you. I promise we will not kill you." She said helping me up. I could feel my legs tremble beneath my weight. I heard a pained cry being let out and I looked over to see that Elijah had driven a knife through the boys hand into the ground. The woman who helped me up froze with me while we assessed the situation at hand. The boy was slumped over prying at the handle that was driven into his hand. Elijah bent down and looked the boy in the eyes. 

"Go ahead Liam. Cry, scream, yell. Beg me for your life. Beg for it or I will slit her throat while you watch then slit yours. After all you were the one who said that I needed her." He taunted. He hit him hard a few times. 

"Elijah enough." The woman spat. He sent her an icy glare. He ignored her and grabbed me throwing me to my knees. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back exposing my throat. Liam's eyes bore into mine his filled with sorrow and pain. 

"Beg." Elijah spat. 

"Please." Liam whispered in a barely audible tone. "Let her be, please." He stated looking down. I don't know why but it pained my heart to see a strong individual reduced to nothing. 

"Please what?" Elijah taunted. While he wasn't expecting it I ripped the knife out of his hands.

"Please rot in HELL!" I yelled while plunging it into his thigh. He let out a pained wail. I went to run but I was grabbed and thrown down. Not long after the world faded from view into utter darkness. At that moment I prayed it would be the end, I wished for death. But we all can't be that lucky.

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