Till the End

In the beginning we were opposites. Relying on each other for survival. We soon found out that we would need, have, and love each other Till the End.


1. Rat

I was crouched in a corner ready to strike. I was always prepared to attack. I was a unregistered, a rat as every calls us. We  are large in numbers seen as one large flaw in society. We are easily disposed of and no one cares about us. If we die no one will weep, no one will mourn for our death. We are alone. 

In todays society there is a new hierarchy, a new set of laws. No more Constitution, no more Charters, no more treaties. It is a new age, a age of monsters and darkness. We all look alike in the day but at night we are different, our ranks clearly visible. In the top, the richest, the wealthy the Vampires. Next are their pets, their dogs the Werewolves. They didn't have any power like the slaves. The walking blood banks. To be fed on by the Vampires. Then there is my rank the Rats. On records we don't exist..... unless we are caught. 

Some low ranking Vampires find rats and use them for food and pleasure. If that were to happen to registered humans the crimes would be punishable by death. Only a pet and slave are to be used by their master unless consent is given. Another rule is you are not permitted to fraternize with anyone outside of your rank. 

Now I realized that the wolf had passed without noticing me lurking in the shadows. I got up and walked out of the alley cockily thinking I was in the clear but I wasn't. I was grabbed and thrown against the hard brick wall. A vampire was standing in front of me teeth barred and hissing. He started to cut off my airway. I felt myself being lifted off the ground. I kicked and clawed soundlessly until I was dropped. I fell to my knees gasping for air. He let out a whistle and a wolf turned the corner and instantly shifted. 

He was now in shorts and bare chested. He had gorgeous chocolate brown eyes, he had short brown hair and was very attractive. The vampire motioned him to come forward. He obediently moved forward towards me. I knew what he was doing, he was checking for my mark which I did not have. There was two possibilities when the vampire found out if I had no mark. Option 1 would be he would mark me and claim me for his own, or Option 2 he would kill me. I for one wanted to live. I crawled away from the wolf. I felt his hands grab my waist and pull me back. I let out a shriek. He pulled me up and close. I squirmed and fought. He pulled my hands behind my back.

The vampire was in front of me in a second lifting my top to get a view of my now exposed hipbone. 

"Step away." He ordered. The wolf let go of me and took a few steps away. "Little rat, little little street rat. How old are you?" He asked. I looked at him with a fiery gaze. 

"Fuck you." I spat. He slapped me. I flew to the ground. I braced myself for another blow but it never came. 

"Sir, you need her." The wolf said. 

"I need no one, especially not a rat." The vampire hissed before striking him hard on the jaw. I noticed the boys tattoo on his hip was different from the one on his 'masters' head just behind the ear. The boys face was already a light shade of purple. 

"But you do. Rats are harder to find and since you slaughtered my masters feed then you need to replace it." The boys spat as he got up. He was sent flying with a kick to the stomach. He hit the wall with a loud thud. 

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