Our Love is Forever

**Sequel to Stole My Heart**


9. Sibling Competition?

Liam’s POV

Today is Saturday and Tory and I are taking Kendall and Nathan to the park for some family fun time. I had made the kids breakfast and saved some for Tory since I wanted her to get as much sleep as possible. Tory came downstairs at around nine thirty dressed in this, http://www.polyvore.com/torys_outfit_to_park/set?id=101095855. We usually don’t do things like this but Tory thought it’d be nice to go out as a family of four because soon we’d be a family of five.

“Have you talked to your brother since the dinner?” I asked Tory after she sent Nathan and Kendall to get changed.

“No. It’s not my fault, he can be all pissy at me if he wants I don’t care.” She said getting some tea.  

“Babe, you should try to fix things between you.”

“Why? Until their kid is born I can assure you it’d be a competition to him. Who can get the bigger crib, the best shade of wallpaper, the most toys. I don’t need that.”

“So what are you going to do when your mom is over here more then at their house?”

“She isn’t spending a lot of time here. We don’t need help raising a newborn, we’ve done it twice before. They’ve never done it so they’ll be needing help.”

“Okay.” I said rubbing her back. “Nathan, Kendall let’s hurry up.”

“Don’t forget to bring your jackets from the closet.” Tory reminded them.

When we got to the park Tory and I sat on a bench watching the kids play.

“Ah.” Tory exclaimed out of nowhere.

“What’s wrong babe?” I asked alarmed.

“Nothing, it’s just the first time the baby has kicked.”

“Kendall, Nathan come here.” I called.

“Yes Daddy?”

“Come feel Mummy’s bump, right here.” I said as I placed Kendall’s hand on the spot where the baby was kicking.

Next Nathan felt and then they went back to playing. We usually don’t kiss in public but I had to, it was too perfect not to.

“I love you.” I said.

“I love you too.” She said giving me a kiss.

“Ew, keep the PDA down.” Someone said.

We turned to see who it was it was Harry. He came to the park with Lux.

“Be quiet Harry.” Tory said then got up to give him a hug. “Hey Lux, how are you?”

“Good, how are you?” Lux answered. “Are Nathan and Kendall here?”

“I am great, thank you for asking. Yes they are, they are playing right over there.” Tory answered.

“Come on Lux let’s go play with Nathan and Kendall.” Harry said as he took Lux over to our kids.

We sat and watched the four of them play then Harry came over and sat with us. We talked for a while about random things. At one thirty we decided it was time for us to go because Tory was hungry and she was getting impatient. The kids are going to see a side of her they’ve never seen; this should be lovely.

“Bye Harry, bye Lux.” Nathan and Kendall said at the same time.

“Bye guys.” She replied.

“Bye Harry. Bye Lux” Tory said.

“Bye.” Lux said giving her a hug.

“Bye mate.” I said to Harry. I bent down to Lux’s height and said, “bye Lux, can I have a hug as well?”

“Yes Liam.” She said then gave me a hug.

We went out to lunch because Tory didn’t want to cook and the kids’ favorite restaurant was right by the park. This is going to be a very interesting pregnancy because Tory usually doesn’t like to cook but she’s going to have to because we won’t be able to take out every night. Also, Kendall is the pickiest eater ever so it’s easier to just cook her dinner instead of looking at a menu for fifteen minutes or so. After lunch we went back to the house because Tory was going to help Kendall with her project on the family.


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