Our Love is Forever

**Sequel to Stole My Heart**


10. School Projects

Tory’s POV

I remember doing a project like this when I was in grade one. She had to make the cover a family portrait so we found a picture that my mom, Liam’s parents, Liam, Nathan, Kendall, the boys, Paul, Eleanor, Lux, everyone else who has helped us along the way and myself were all in. She also needs to include her favorite place she has ever gone to along with a holiday or family occasion that is important.

“Which place do you want to talk about?” I asked.

“Miami.” She answered.


“Because I got to celebrate my birthday there with all my family and everyone who works with Daddy.”

“That’s perfect, now write that.” We waited until she finished writing her answer, then we moved to the next question. “Now, what’s an important holiday or occasion to us?”

“Could it be the day that One Direction was formed?”

“Yes, it could. Do you want it to be that?”


“Ok, now why.”

“If the five of them hadn’t tried out they wouldn’t have been put together. Then you and Daddy wouldn’t have dated and so everything great happened because of that.” Kendall said.

“That’s absolutely amazing.”

I had to hold back tears because that was the sweetest thing ever. We worked on it until it was close to dinnertime but we had to clean up the workroom. The workroom is where Liam and I have our desks and Nathan and Kendall have tables where they can do work. We also keep all supplies for projects and work related things in the workroom as well.

“Mummy, can we make dinner for everyone?” Kendall asked as I cleaned the table with Clorox.

“Of course baby, what are you thinking of making?”

“Grilled cheese sandwiches!” Kendall cheered.

“Okay but we’ll have to make a salad or vegetables, which one?”


“Let’s go run to the store quickly because we don’t have any bread.” I said after I checked the pantries.

“Ok Mummy.”

“Liam, Kendall and I are going to run to the food store quickly. Do you need anything?” I said as I stood by the door of the living room where he and Nathan we watching TV.

“No, I’m good.” Liam said getting up to give me a kiss.

“Ok, we’ll be back.”

Kendall and I got into the car; since we only needed one thing it was a quick trip. Plus, we only live a couple minutes away from the store. When we got home the boys were in the same spot as when we left.

“We’ll be in the kitchen, we’ll call you when it’s ready.” Kendall said.

“Thank you sweetie.” Liam responded.

We ate the dinner that Kendall helped make along with salad. At ten or so we all went to bed after the kids were showered. I changed into this, http://www.polyvore.com/talking_to_liam/set?id=101433060.


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