taken care of

when destiny savannah kaning is thrown out by her mother at nine years old, she finds a guardian to take care of her, a famous singer, when she falls in love with him later on will he love her back...


2. coffee

after we got to California Austin got a house on the beach, it was nice and quiet, especially since no one else is around, i have a whole side f the house to myself so i can practice whenever i want, my room is upstairs, my practice room is next door, i have a bathroom in my room, and i refuse anything too expensive, i wont spoil myself, even though i like the house, it just feels too big, so Austin is closing off my side of the house, so the only time i leave my small side of the house is to the kitchen and front door

"savannah" Austin says, i turn, i forgot i had slept on the couch that night, in fact i remember going to sleep in my bed, my big bed

"what" i ask rubbing my eyes

"how did you get over here, you were in your room a few hours ago" Austin says and walks over to me

"i guess i slept walked" i say and yawn

"well go back to your room, is there something wrong with your room" he asks

"i am used to sleeping on the couch, cause my parents didn't get me a very comfortable bed, and never wanted me in my room, afraid i would do something to hurt them, like im a monster" i say, his face saddens

"well maybe we can go and pick you out another bed, or couch, tomorrow, ok, now go back to your room and try to sleep" he says, i hold my arms out to him, gesturing i want him to carry me, he laughs and picks me up, i wrap my legs around his waist and arms around his neck, his hand is warm on my lower back and he carries me up to my room

"sing" i say holding onto his hand when he tries to leave

"fine" he sings 11:11 to me, one of my favorite songs, and i go to sleep

Austin's POV

when i wake up savannah is on the floor of my rom, i don't know if she did it on purpose or if she was sleep walking, when i step on the ground to walk around her she grabs my leg and holds onto it

"savannah" i sigh, her beautiful eyes look up at me, her skin unusually pale

"what happened" i kneel down to her

"i had a nightmare, i was chased by my dad down a long cold hallway, and he had a big knife, i was bleeding on my forehead, from where he had tried to stab me, and i saw a light from an open door, i ran as fast as i could, but i didn't know that i was on the fifth floor of a building, i reached for something to hold onto, the sun bright in my eyes, i could see the ground, littered with sharp, broken glasses, all over, i hit the ground" she stops, tears streaming down both of our faces, i wipe hers away, "and the last thing i saw was your face, before i past out, i could feel the pain, the fear, your love" tears are streaming down my face, i cant help it, she hugs me, i hug her back, her hands grabbing my bare back and the back of my neck

"im sorry" is all i say, i think i say it for crying like this

"its ok, i shouldn't have come in here" she says, her voice cracking

"no its fine, do what makes you comfortable" i say, her grip tightens, i wipe away another tear away and realize how skinny savannah is, but i don't say anything

"thank you" she says, "i love you Austin" im speechless

"i love you too" i finally say, she pulls away and smiles, i smile back

"can we go eat" she yawns

"yeah, lets go" i say and stand up, she holds my hand all the way to the kitchen

savannahs POV

after Austin said he loved me i felt so happy, i have a brother who would watch over me, not parents who hated me, i held his hand to the kitchen, i got out fruit and yogurt, he got pancakes and syrup

"come on, have something like this" i laugh and shake my head

"i would prefer this" i say, i put my vanilla yogurt on a plate, with strawberries, grapes, and blue berries, i loved frit, i like to eat healthy, which is very unusual to the kids at school, but i wont see them again, ever, and i don't care because they all hated me, bullied me every day, and made fun of how skinny i was, i cut once, but i will never tell Austin, or at least not right now

"you sure" he says before he puts the fatty pancakes and syrup away

"yeah" i say and sit down with my fruit yogurt, and a glass of orange juice, he got coffee, i ad never tried coffee

"Austin, what are you drinking" i ask, making it look like i don't know what it is

"coffee, wanna try some" he holds out his cup

"you don't mind drinking after me" i ask

"not if your sick or backwash in my cup" he says, i laugh and take a small sip of it, it was black, bitter, and hot, apparently i made a funny face cause Austin laughed

"want some with milk and sugar in it" he asks, i nod and take a big gulp of orange juice, i walk to the coffee maker with him, i watch as he fixes my coffee, when he hands it to me it is a caramel color, he stirred it with a spoon, he took it and put it in the sink while i took a careful sip of my coffee, it wasn't as hot, it tasted sweet from the sugar, and i think of vanilla

"can you put some vanilla in it" i ask, he was leaning on the counter while i taste tested the coffee, i like it, i just think vanilla will make it better for some reason

"yeah" he takes the glass and gets out the vanilla, he puts a couple drops in it

"that's it" i ask

"trust me, vanilla goes a log way, if i put anymore it will taste weird, i put a whole bottle in mine once, it tasted so gross, try it" he says, stirring it a bit with a clean spoon

"yummy" i say and smile, he laughs and goes back and sits on the table, i follow holding my cup of coffee, i burp so loudly my throat hurts

"dang girl" Austin says and burps too, but his wasn't as big as mine

"you still beat me...for now" he says, i laugh, we eat talking about where we are going to go and for how long, but we would always come back here for at least a week between travel, for me, the worst part was i had to leave my cello here

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