the shadow [one direction completed ]

alexa was adopted after her parents died of a car accident,she knewthis would all happen one day ,what she didnt excpect was zayn malik wold adopt her and she didnt think she would fall in love with harry styles but who knew how he felt about her? that was until alex met 'the shadow' its what she called te shadow she sees in the bedroom hallway every night. harry goes into the hallway and talks to zayn about his feeling but what he doesnt know is there is more than 2 people there.
-------------------------------completed story---------------------------------------


9. save you tonight

louis pov; i sat on the couch with the bioys watching toy story 2,of course liam chose this . i handed the popcorn to everyone and niall being niall finished it before i even sat down . i rolled my eyes and then noticed harry wasnt there i knew he was upset about this whole thing but i havent even heard a single noise from him i walked into his room nobody was there. i quickly texted harry . 

boobearxxlarrystylinsonforever; lad,where are you 

harryxstylesxxlarrystylinsonbromance ;uhm i dont know how to say this but i saw ally forgot her phone so i got nervous and when her parents died a guy from the police department put a chip in her phone and necklace so he can contact her and locate her in case of an emergancy so i found out she was in the woods so i chased after her and found a big truck and a guy came out with a knife 

my eyes widened and i just replied with ''dude please be careful and please save ally but dont hurt yourself '' i felt like i was gonna cry i didnt know what to do i explained the whole situation to the lads and they were as shocked as me so we called the police and they tried finding her but i doubt they will help . 

harrys pov; i read the last text and let out a silent sigh .then i peered trough the bushes he pulld her out and took her into the old cabin inside no no this cant happen i had enough i was about to barge into the house when i got another stupid text ''dude the cops found out where your at were about to head over there with the cops okay? dont go in and do anything stupid harry! -lou'' i rolled mmy eyes at the last part ''yea yea i know bt listen i have to go and save ally i dont want to make it seem like i was the coward who couldnt help her myself'' i replied hesitantly i didnt have time so i just barged in and saw something soo horrible he was hitting her .hard.he even had the knife at her neck ready to kill. ''who the bloody hell are you''  the guy shouted i ignored and just ran up to him and threw him on the ground letting the knife to fall i pushed alex behind me and threw punches and kickes at that bitch how could he hurt my girl yea thats what i said MY girl. but he punched and kicked and even sort of strangled me back.harder. then i took one glimpse of ally as he strangled me.her brown wavy hair her beautiful smile which wasnt tear just a frown tears flowing down her face even when she cry shes beautiful i cant die.if i do i will never be able to be with ally she was my world .my everything .then i was really determined i toook the guy by the arm and pushed him off of me and threw him on the ground he didnt move i took the knife and threw it in the trash then i saw ally worried her tears still streaming down her face i held her in my arms for a long moment before he came behind me with the knife he was still drousy from my kicks and punches he didnt see where he was aiming he hid my arm and it bled alot . i screamed in pain as ally cryed more whimpering i then heard the door open sirens and a police officer and ambulance i just blacked out what had just happened?


authors notee; hey guys hope  u liked this chapter i might post naother today or tomorow sorry for the wait i got caught up in this movalla which i really liked with soem parts thta made me laugh so hard (#larrystylinsonmoment) you guys should read it its called #targetgirl yes the hashtag is supposed to be there. so u should read it and anyway i hope ur enjoying the book so far keep commenting i love all ur comments there so cute and funny and sweet :) .

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