moments.. </3 (louis fan fiction)

Ellen is just a girl with a past.. a girl with a current... a girl with a future.. who is struggling to get by.. who just wants the pain to end.. she wants to be happy.. everyone thinks she is.. everyone knows she is. in their eyes.. but no one knows what the truth is.. they say they will be their.. where are you at 3 in the morning.... She doesn't get along with her family.. and nor does she like them.. what will she do.. remember shes just like you.. with a past, current, and future..


12. A/N Makenna T.

Heyy babes!! So as you guys know it's Makenna B.'s turn to update and I WILL NOT write this chapter!! Unfortunately though school as always is getting in the way!! Updateing is getting hard and Makenna B. Has a bunch of essays and stuff to do but just please remember we will never forget about you!! We love all of you and will update as soon as possible!! 

I love you guys!! Stay beautiful and strong!!~Makenna T.

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