My Ex-Best Friend

FLASHBACK:Audrey Joly, a nine years old girl, move with her mom to Stratford,Canada. When she arrived, she saw a little boy like her, Justin. They will be best friend until...



25. You're my life, my everything.

"mhmmm Justy, stop..." I mumbled, still tired during he tuckled me. He laughed then he holding my body more, breathing in my neck. I woke up instanly.

"Morning beautiful" I turned around in the bed, seeing Justin smiling big,looking at me. 

It wasn't a dream. 

"morning" I yawned. He giggled. Last night was amazing. We stayed at the beach,just holding each other more and more. We didn't do anything more. We were happy. We are together. I love him.

"Are you hungry?" I was still looking at him, blushing. I just nodded. He smiled then took my hand. "Room service?" He said smirking. I giggled then pushed him a little. " It's beautiful outside! C'mon! " I get up, took my bikini, my dress for changing myself. When I was about to open the bathroom door, I felt Justin's hands on my hips, he turned me around to him with his stronger arms, He smiled big, then He kissed me... Passionatly. I was out of breath again. This sensation again... he let go slowly , letting his nose on my nose. "be fast..." He kissed my cheek then he left my room. I was still in the same position... God Audrey... move! I turned around, took a fast shower, prepared myself, then I was ready! When I was about to text Justin, someone knocked on my door, it was Justin. 

"Wow... Beautyy... " He smirked again. I giggled when he took my hand then interwinded our fingers. It felt nice. Suddendly... Carly? Where she is?

"Justy? Where is Carls?"


"She helped for my surprise, she went back to Paris." I nodded then smiling. I will thank her for that. We were now sitting outside close to the beach. The sun was big. I looked over the beach... beautiful. " What are you thinking Aud?" I turned back to him, god he's sexy... I giggled.

"I still can't believe we are together, but..." I cut my words... His fans. I love them but they... would probably hate me. 

" But?" He said confused. I looked down. He sighed then he said " Aud, can you look at me?" I looked up to see him, searching probably something on his phone. He looked up, smiling. "Look" He passed me his phone. It was showing some tweets about Justin, his fans. Couple of them were about his missing... and other pictures with me and Justin from last night. God I was sleeping Justin! He wrote : @justinbieber: Finally my baby. x @audreeyjoly is the one. 

Comments were just amazing! JUDREY!  they congrats us! So Justin was understanding me, He knows me too much. 

"Justin... " I smiled. He grabbed my hand,kissed it and said :" You have nothing to worry baby... you're mine and nothing could change it, I love you " I blushed then said " Love u more "


After our breakfast, papzs showed up when we were on the beach, playing like kids. We did alot of activities... Best day of my life! Now, it was late, and we were so tired,but so happy, I knew it!


"Audrey?" He mumbled in my ear, when I was about to fell asleep. 

"Yeah?" I mumbled too.

" I adore you... kiss me" I giggled then kissed him. "Night Justy" 

" I was so stupid... I should told you my feelings... but..."

" but?" 

"You're my last, my everything now."



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