My Ex-Best Friend

FLASHBACK:Audrey Joly, a nine years old girl, move with her mom to Stratford,Canada. When she arrived, she saw a little boy like her, Justin. They will be best friend until...



8. My date

Audrey's POV

" He wants you Aud..." WHATT? I frowned. She laughed and she added " He wants his Bff back!"Oh gosh... I laughed and I said " You scared me Carls!" We both laughed and I walked off downstairs, waiting for the boys. Then I heard the bell rang. I said bye to Carly and I opened the door. There I saw Harry, Liam and Niall with roses. I blushed. They were stairing at me.

" Thanks guys, they are beautiful" I said. Harry winked at me. Niall gave me his arm and I took it. I smiled. Liam opened the door for me and I blushed more. I sat in the back with Niall and Harry. Liam was the driver. " You look stunning Audrey" Niall said to me. I giggled. " Thank you Niall and by the way Liam I'm so sorr..." "It's okay lovely" Liam cut me and winked at me. " Where are we going guys?" I asked. " Dinner and Suprise" Harry responded to me. "Okay" I said. 

" We are here" Liam said after stopping the car. Harry exited the car but both Niall and Liam stayed. Harry was waiting for me at the car door giving me his arm. I looked at Liam and Niall confused. " Tonight it's you and Harry. But we wanted to see you so.." I gave them a kiss on the cheek and they froze happily. " Okay then, see ya" I got out the car and smiled at Harry. He smiled big. "Tonight it's you and me. By the way love, you look amazing." I giggled and blushed. 

"thanks Harry" We walked in the restaurant and I realized that this place is very expensive. 

" Harry... this place is.." " It's okay Audrey I'm Harry Styles remember?" I laughed and I nodded. " Reservation for Styles please" Harry said to the man. He nodded and smiled. He guided us to our table, and we were alone. "Thanks sir" he said to the man. After the man as gone I mumbled"Harry we are alone here..." He laughed" Yeah well I reserved the restaurant... " I blushed. He took my hand and I froze nervously. He giggled. We ate some great italian's food and we talked, laughed and talked about our lives. He payed for us and we walked off. Papzs were around us and they were screaming harry's name. Then a limo arrived and I realized that this was for us. He took my hand and we ran to the limo. " Princess first" I giggled. We sat up at I looked around me and it was beautiful! Music, champagne! I smiled and I looked at Harry and I was suprised that he was stairing at me smiled. He's beautiful! Gosh I want to kiss him so bad!

"Suprise now" He winked and took my hand and interwinded our fingers. We got out, hand in hand, and I looked up for my view... the beach. I was shocked by the sunset and the view. 

" It's beautiful Hazza" I said. he looked up at me and said." Not as beautiful as you love" I blushed and giggled. We walked in eachother arms and it felt great then I saw like a campfire. We sat there and Harry started to sing and I smiled. We stayed there like hours and I felt a raindrop on my skin. It was raining now. We ran in laugh when suddendly He stopped and grab my wrist. " Audrey wait up..." " Harry we hav.." He cut me off: " I want to do something before..." And what it is Hazza?" I laughed

He put me close to him then caressed my cheek and smiled. " This." He kissed me. Not a hard kiss but a cute and gentle kiss. I kissed in the rain! with HARRY STYLES! He let go and smiled big then he kissed me again. We were all wet but we didn't care at this time. It was good. we pulled out and we ran again holding more eachothers than before. 

* Skipped the ride* 

" It was amazing harry tonight" I kissed him on the cheek and when I was now outside the limo. He got up and ran over me and kissed me. I smiled in the kiss and he smiled too. " Sweet dreams love" He winked before he was gone. I am on the clouds now... wet but happy in the inside....

" Aud..." I turned around and I saw...




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