My Ex-Best Friend

FLASHBACK:Audrey Joly, a nine years old girl, move with her mom to Stratford,Canada. When she arrived, she saw a little boy like her, Justin. They will be best friend until...



30. Lazyyy daay

"morning baby" I opened up my eyes to see the sun shinning bright through the window of the living room. I slept on the couch on his body, even the movie was still on the TV in pause. I felt a hand on my hip, Justin. I smiled then got up a little, knowing that he was awake. 

"Morning" he yawned then took a piece of my hair out of my eyes. I turned a little my head to Justin, who's waiting for a kiss. But... I wanted to play a little... 

"You want a kiss?" He put his lips close to kiss me, but instead to do the same, I approched to his lips then got up instanly laughing like hell. I winced to him then ran as fast as I could... Cause He's fast. Pretty fast. 

"GOOOT YOUUU!" he lifted me off the ground and brought me into our room. He said languorously "You can not run away from Bieber. You're mine now and I want a kiss." Then He kissed me roughly. Looks like He won... For now. But anyway... always this sensation that I have when he kissed me... He has a power on me. A big power. I let go slowly smiling like a little child who had just received her candys... Imagine. But I'm hungry... very hungry.

"Justy, I'm hungry, want something?" He caressed my back then nodded, but he put me on the bed. 

"Let me prepare you something, stay here pretty girl or... Daddy Bieber would come to catch you!" He kissed me on the cheek then went downstairs. I giggled to his words. He's so cute!


I decided to lay down on bed. Today I don't feel like doing anything... just to lay down, cuddling with Justin. I put the little Tv on and changed the channels. I stopped to a random movie then reach my phone. I went to Facebook, twitter and instagram... what? I didn't post anything this morning... I was sleeping! Oh... Justin. On twitter it wrote : 

"@audreeyjoly: MY BOYYYFRIIIEEENNND IISSSS SO SEXAAAYYYY! ;D" God he went in my twitter and instagram. He put a pic of  me and him in the past... holding eachothers... He still  haves this picture?? He wrote: "Memories don't burn.  Love my Justyyyy.... <3333 *Someone's never went on your account to post this,yeah? ;)xo Love U sweetie*." 


I giggled to my phone. I liked all his tweets then closed my phone. God Justin. Suddendly, I saw his phone... Let's do a revenche. 


After writing tweets, taking pictures, looking in his pictures... I saw alot of his family, friends, and me. Alot. He kept all those pictures? I smiled about that. Then, noticing footsteps across the door, I put his phone where he was and lay back like I did nothing except watching TV. Bad girl me.  Haha


" This is for you my love!" He put on me a shelf with my lunch on it: 2 sandwiches with water and a rose in the plate. I grabbed my phone and pictured the self and went to instagram : " lunch in bed, Thank you baby xox" Then I closed again my phone.




"Audrey I have something to tell you..."





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