My Ex-Best Friend

FLASHBACK:Audrey Joly, a nine years old girl, move with her mom to Stratford,Canada. When she arrived, she saw a little boy like her, Justin. They will be best friend until...



6. JB or 1D ???

Audrey's POV

"Justin... what are you doing here?" I looked over him and I can tell, he was sad. He didn't anwsered me. We were at the lobby with fans around us. I texted to Carls just saying I'll be there soon. I grabbed his arm and We began to run to the elevator, he tensed up." It's gonna be alright Justy , I'm here". He grabbed my hand and I looked at our hands. He looked at me and by this moment, the doors opened. Thank god. I let go of his hand and I opened the door of my room for us. I sat on my bed and he was still up, looked at me. I looked at him confused. He just smiled.

"thanks" he said. Now I was more than confused. " For.. what?" He finally decided to sit beside me. 

" For... Jasm and Jax. and for still giving me a chance. I'm soory for tonight I was... furious.. I think"

" No problem Justy haha and why furious?" I began to laugh. " It's only you that you can call me Justy you know that?" I giggled and he smirked. Gosh He's hot. Audrey... stop.  " I don't know maybe because I dont like to see you with them..." I froze. " Justin why they ar.." He cut me off. "nevermind, forget about it okay?" " okay.. I think.." " where are you going like this?" He was looked to my bags. "Carly's place and... I have to go now so.." " so see you tomorrow?" I laughed and I nodded. " but Selena?" he looked down and he said " She can wait and plus you seem to get along with her..." "yeah well she's great. Dont break her heart Justy. " " yeah yeah mom" We laughed. Gosh I missed him. I was angry but with moments like this, I can't be mad at him. We walked off the room and he helped me with my bags. We were now at Carly's car in the underground parking. No papz.

" AUDREY JOLY! I TROUGHT YOU WERE DEAD! oh Hi Justin " I laughed and I quickly put my bags in the back. He waved at her and when I was about to open my door, he opened for me and he gave me a hug. I felt... something. Maybe I was crazy. I let go and quickly smiled at him." See ya Aud" "See ya Justy" I replied to him. He closed my door and Carly started the car. We were all gone and like before, we started to sing along like two crazy girls but... I couldn't stop thinking about him... about his hug.. his arms on me. " BLING BLING" Oh I got a text. Unknown number 

" Hey Audrey it's Liam. Would you like to meet me with the boys tomorrow? Surprise for the place. XXx Sweet dreams... ;) p.s It was amazing tonight :)))" 

Gosh: Justin or 1D ?...


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